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July 07 2006

Finally I have my prom pics on here and soon i will have my new york pics from a year ago.

So its been awile

March 15 2006
so life has been good i am a little sick now. yesterday i could barely talk and today it seems to be better. so yeah. i got some new pics up on here. well outty.


November 25 2005

Ok so I have been sick and very delusional so yesterday I thought I was hungry and so I made some toast well it burnt so I put some cinnamon and sugar on it and then I made myself 2 more pieces and then 2 more pieces then 1 more b/c there was just on piece left. And then I ate it all so I ate 7n pieces of toast yesterday so I have decided to not take Nyquil during the day again. Lol. So yeah I was all like weird we are all I just didn’t start calling random people I think that was only one of the times I thought about what I was doing be4 I did it. Lol. Ok well yeah I haven’t updated in a while but I finally have some friends I and I am going to put up some new pics soon so that will be good.



September 03 2005


August 12 2005
ok so ronnie and i have been fighting a little lately but all is good. he is going ot get a computer soon so that will be good. but oh well. got to go.

i wrote you another song emily lol hope you like it

August 09 2005
I am sorry for the way he treated you
I am sorry for the way it ended
I wish I could say something to take away your pain
But there isn’t anything I can say to relive ache in your heart that he left on you
I only wish I could do something to help you
Oh wait there is I can fuck you
We’ll meet tonight at the local hotel
I don’t care who’s in site just as long as I can hold you
I no I am no replacement but I hope I can show you what love is
Because I love you
And everyday is like new
You are only one of the few girls I love
And I want to be around you all the time
I want to hold you in my arms forever
And I never want to let you go
But I’ll understand if you don’t feel the same way I do
But just in case you do
I meet you at the local hotel
Don’t worry if someone sees you
Because everything will be alright tonight
All I want to do is take away your pain

isnt it great lol hey call me if you want to meet with me tonight

I love you in a sexual way

August 08 2005
This is Emily. I jsut remembered I made this for Malinda therefore I know her password. I am going to post the beautiful song she wrote me. So here it goes:

I Love you Emily
in a sexual way
no matter what they say
even if they call us gay
i always Loooooooove yyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooou no matter what do i'll always make love to yyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu
and no matter where we go
you'll always be hoe
so lets get loooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww YEAH
Emily you'll always be my bitch
you cure my forbidden itch
and i dont ever need to be hitched
cause i like the things you do
they always seem so true
and never change who you are
bc you are my shinning star
and tonight i'll meet you at the bar
your farts smell
like the death of hell
your boobs look like a tack
and i think they're comming out of your back but none of that matters to me bc i love you Emilyyyyyyyyyyy.


August 08 2005


August 06 2005
well emily ruthie has been over here and debbie is on the computer all day so i havent really been able ot write but now i will try to do it better oh and she left and she loves all sry i kept her all to myself. i am such a cruel person but hopefully i will get her to get a phuse box i have been o nth e computer so much just clicking and plaing games and stuff that my fingers dont want to type bc they are so stiff been on here like all day like since 9 am lol. i am addicadited and i havent finished summar reading yet oopppps. lol. i am such a percrastinatior. lol. and i cant spell at 416 in the morning. lol. there are you happy now emily i updated.


July 28 2005
ok so i might actually right in this one oh and thanks emily for making it and for adding what i like but...... i had to change it lol. well i guess that is it