June 28 2006
I liked how the vine seemed strong... there weren't any others around it... solitary yet willing to cling (ok so reading a bit too far into a weed?) <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Traditional photography digitally altered... (whatever that would be called)
Originally Taken: November 30, -0001

Jeana Lewis

June 29 2006
I'm sure the weed appreciates the fact that somebody took time to notice it's tenacity. I think I would still call it a weed though. Such a long name (Traditional photography digitally altered...) would be a bit cumbersome. I'm sure it really has it's own name. But, who knows what that would be? Maybe Hooper would know? Don't want to just call it a weed? Let's call it something simple like... Jaquishla... :o)