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August 16 2005
True or False or even if you believe this!

you can fall in love with one touch?
one saying of your name?

answer that.......?


November 20 2005
true.. i love you kristin.. I MISS YOU TO THE MAX! i less than 3 you! <3katiebug


November 23 2005
hey, i think i kno u. did u go to central in 7th or 8th grade? if not, ignore this.


November 24 2005
my name's ben jijon, oviously. i think we were on the same bus, until i moved, but we still talked afterwards. don't reallyexpect u to remember me, i'm just saying hi. btw, when'd u move to tx? hope its more fun than here. seriously!


November 25 2005
yeah, i had to leave cali, so i had to leave some people behind. haven't talked to them in over 5 years. pretty sure they think i was eaten by wolves. lol. bus 102, exactly. i'll give u this. i look nothing like i did back in 7th. back then i was kind of short. huge mess i called hair. now, i'm pretty f_ _ _ing huge, quoting most who kno me. btw, happy late thanxgiving!!! hope leftovers are as good. lol


November 26 2005
minischool 6. btw, siegel isn't the enemy, oakland is!!! i'm not in band, but trying to start A band. when something's permanent, u'll kno. so, ever coming back?? or is TX girl too good for TN? lol. j/w


November 26 2005
u mean which state, andcali or here? so, 3 weeks, awesome. tell u what, bring me something cool from TX, and i'll get u something, as x-mas gifts. kind of a secret santa, but with 2 people. hey, btw, check out my xanga, crazycoconuts351, funny jokes.