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August 13 2006

Hey guys.... I am totally bored so I am going to put up my schedule just like everyone else... haha...anyways...before I do... Life has gone up and down...but there is only one person there by my side the whole time... and is my loving boyfriend... I have treated him like crap these past few weeks....and he totally understood everything...gosh who knew band would be so stressful... haha...anyways here is my crazy schedule!

"A" day
1 Algebra 2
2 Band
4 English 4
"B" day
5 Accounting
6 Band
7 Computer Science
8 Chemistry

YAY for 8 classes... senior year is going to be fun/ hard.....and Band is already going Amazing/ Stressful... New band Director new loco new everything..I'm Part of the Leadership Team ( no we're not section leaders) and so we have to make everything pretty much perfect....then I am a senior so I have so much other stuff to take care of..and I have a fabulous job at OutBack Steak HOuse.... and if you count my crazy loving/caring boyfriend... my life is wonderful/ amazing/ emotional/ painful/ welcome to my rollercoaster of life...YAY ME! haha! actually above it all.... I LOVE IT THIS WAY....if you don't have a few obstacles then how will you get through life? well goodnight...YAY SENIORS '07!!


December 31 2007
hi kristin! haven't talked to u in a while... drop a line when u get a chance...