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Hey guys!

January 30 2006

 WOW I have had a crazy ass life! well first off... I am have been so busy with Band, Work, Boyfriend, and Friends... plus my family! and moving shit.....

Nathan and I  are still together... it has been 3 months!! yaya us!

Work is amazing.. I love working it is such much fun!!!

Friends... can be bitches... and backstabbers... but you have those special ones.... Ben I am so sorry I haven't been able to talk to you!!  I have been so busy and Internet doesn't work in my room yet... and I only get on every now and then! so ya!

 Band is always so much fun! I love it! all of my friends but a couple are in band.. so I see them all the time... and you know what is weird... all of my friends now are boys but like 2.... SCARY!! just kidding I love hanging out with guys! I am such a tom boy myself so what does it matter!

well I am dead tired Ijust got off work! I love you guys!!
I love YOU Nathan!


February 17 2006
hey, 'bout time u updated... lol. hope life's going good over there.


March 04 2006
heh, never realized u were such a band geek. j/k --The Mexican