God works in awesome ways!!

January 19 2006

Wow...so all I have to say is that God works in such amazing ways!!! Last night I just broke down b/c things have just gotten to stressful and everything just came up last night!! I was just having to pray about it all and know what God will talk care of it all..And then today around noon I got a text message and it was said "hey girl...you have been on my mind lately and I just wanted to know if there was anything that you wanted me to pray about for you?" How amazing is it that God told one of my best friends that i was having a hard time!! It was soooo amazing!! Things today were better!!
I kinda feel like someone is trying to slowly come back into my life and that the Devil is trying to tell me to put my heart back out there so that he can just take it and hurt it again!! But I know that this is not the right guy for me b/c of past experiences with him. I just have to keep praying about it and know that I have awesome friends there for me and my Boy survival BOX!! LOL!! Thanks Dena!! But yeah...
Well I am almost down with the first week of classes...I didn't know if I was going to like how my classes are set up and some of the classes that I am taking but after dropping one I feel like I have a great schedule!! I really like my Sociology class that I have with Katie and now I have History with Jessi..Which is gonna be pretty awesome!! I am pretty psyched about that one!! Only bad part is that I am going to have to compete with her for the best grade!! But ohh well!! She will help me out in the class..I HOPE!! LOL!!
Well I am gonna go! My 8 class was cancelled but I still hae my 9 and 10 oclock ones!! So I will try and write more later!!

Ashley Schreiber

January 20 2006
Indeed He does work in some mysteriously incredible ways! :o) Praise the Lord he is there for us! Love ya!! And I'm praying for you!