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April 19, 2011

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praising my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, fellowship with believers, singing, working with kids, reading, football, volleyball, softball, scrapbooking, piano


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The Bible, Pride and Prejudice, Dee Henderson's stuff, The Christy Miller Series

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Wow, it's been a while since I've posted anything on here.  Since my last entry, I've completed my first year of college, declared a major, been to Indiana, become better friends with some and drifted from others, read several books, been to visit friends in Lexington, got an iPod, pretty much packed up my room to move into a new house, watched a season and a half of gilmore girls, talked on the phone ALOT, written a few letters, spent way too much money, spent a weekend at the lake with a bunch of friends, missed many of my school friends, realized the awesome power of living my life wholeheartedly for Christ, tripped a few times in trying to do so, and best of all, grown in my precious relationship with the Lord.

So, as you can see, I've been busy... and my summer will only continue to get busier.. I'm leaving for Hawaii in a week!! ahh!! I'm pretty excited about that..  I might put pictures up from that... lol if i get around to it! 
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Yea.. more pictures!

Alright, so I realize I write in spurts, forgive me...

First of all I want to recommend the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers! It's incredible!  I can't put it down.. It's based on the story of Hosea and Gomer in the Bible, and by golly.. I have been sucked in!  :o)

Now, for the pictures!

First, Zeta's Wild Wild West Side party:  This was a fun post-initiation party!! Exciting.. we're members!! :o) Anyway, we could dress up in either country attire (Wild Wild West) or gangster (West Side)... Wild Wild West Side together...clever huh?

Here's Emily, Mark, and I... it's funny because Em and I ended up sharing him as a date, but he was neither one of ours to begin with!! Em and I decided to go without dates this time, and he was going with a friend of ours who ended up with the flu.  He was already at dinner with us when we found out she wouldn't be coming, so we decided to "adopt" him as our date!! lol...


This is Lydia and I in our ganster apparel... we're trying to look tough! 

Here we are having a blast!! lol I promise those are IBC root beer bottles!! Dry campus...

Audrey and I when we first got to the party... lol see i even carried a basketball for effect!  :o)

Mark and I at dinner.. and I have no idea what he's doing!

Now, for the Lambda Chi (LXA) Gangsta's Paradise party!! This is not to be confused with my "gangster" look.. this is the 20's mobster-type gangster...

Here is Tori and I... She's so beautiful.. and she's my prayer partner!

Here's some of the gangstas there!.. fun stuff..

all the lovely Zetas there...

Ashley and I all dressed up.. :o)

There are more pictures from that party in my photobox.. so look at 'em!

Next are some pictures from a birthday party... we celebrated Andrew Courtner's birthday with a surprise dinner at Longhorn!

Here we are singing Disney songs and displaying our crowns...

we played the face game.. this is where you move your face really fast and someone takes a picture of you.. and your face is forever stuck in that position.. at least in that picture...

aww.. such lovely girls! I just love them!

Seek the Noblest... that's all i have to say!  :o)

Last set of pictures is from the Monday after initiation when we could FINALLY wear our jerseys!! Yippee!!

me and some of my beautiful "new" members!!


Me and Carly outside the SUB

Some of the senior nursing majors I just happened to catch in the hallway while they were on a break...

Alisha and I in the hallway of the PAC

Lydia and I... I just love this girl!

Tori, Ashley, and I in New Testament... isn't that map in the backgroup cool?  it covers the ENTIRE wall!!  :o)  i actually go to class... despite what my pictures convey, i really do attend my classes.. and this proves it!  :o)

Well, I guess that's about it for the time being... Next time I write I'll probably have more to show again!! :o)

Everyone have a marvelous day!! and check out 1 Peter 1:3-7!! incredible verses!!  :o)

In Christ,

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This has been an incredible week/weekend!  My family has decided to build a house in the neighborhood I really want to live in (although, I'll be back at Union by the time the house is done), the new members got initiated this weekend (praise the Lord!!), and I'm pretty excited about formal coming up in April!  Things around here are just wonderful!  :o) 

I have been so busy the last few weeks, so I have lots of pictures of the fun stuff I've been doing, so I'll be sure to put them up before too long!  Some are pretty crazy!  lol..

I hope everyone's having a great day/week/month/year!! Boy! I sure am!!  Everyone I haven't talked to in a while (you know who you are...), please call sometime, so we can get caught up!  :o) 

In Christ,

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Ahh!!! this has been a crazy week, and it's only Monday!! :o)  I can't believe how busy I am!! lol... college.. gotta love it!
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I'm going to Hawaii!!  Oh my goodness!! :o)  Praise the Lord!

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