Back from Disaster Relief Trip with ADPi

January 14 2006

New Orleans was amazing!! I had such a great time with my sisters!! We ended up staying in a homeless shelter on the 6th floor..And the steps were super steep but it is okay..I have a blast!! We got to work on 3 houses... 2 the first day and then 1 on the last 2 days.... The first 2 houses we just cleaned the back yard of the first house and then the second house we cleaned out the inside and then did some work in the shed and the yard behind and beside the house. Then on the last 2 days we stripped out the walls and drywall in a house and took out all of the furniture that was destoryed by the storm. I got closer with some of my sisters!! It was soo much fun!! i am really glad that God told me to go and help others out. I might try and put pictures up and show ya what we saw later on when i get them off of the camera. The last night about 6 of us girls and the dad that went with us went to Burbon street and hit a few bars (no i didn't drink anything) and just danced at a few of them and just had fun. We then went to Krystals and ate at like 11:30 and then went back to the shelter to sleep!!! Came home yesterday from there and it was about an 8 hour drive. Went to Amy and Jordyn's apartment to pick up my dad from dropping amy's car off and then we headed to Paris to see my Granny and Pap and then we came home..So I was in the car for about 10-11 hours yesterday..not fun at all!!! but yeah..

This trip was something that i needed to get my mind of some things and just help me get focused!! I am still struggling with my relationship with God but it is getting better. I know that I have Him along with some pretty awesome friends to help me get through it all..

Went to Fuji tonight with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday!!! That was fun!! Then I went with my sister lauren to her mother-in-laws house to visit her and pick up beau and then came home and just relaxed... got to hang out with Dena today and hanging out with ashley tomorrow!! then back to school on monday!! starting a new semester!! Wish me luck!!!!

Well i am off to bed!! church is in the morning!!!


January 14 2006
i am really glad that God told me to go and help others out.

Ashley Schreiber

January 15 2006
:o) I'm glad you got home safely!! I'll see you tomorrow!!