August 26 2005
Joke of the Week:

How do u make draggon milk?

Answer: A cow with short legs!!!!
(u gotta love laffy taffy jokes...they are the best!)

Thought for the Week: "You never really know how good of a christian you really are untill you are driving alone on the interstate and someone cuts you off suddenly" -Coach Harris

Nathan Moore

August 27 2005
that's funny.

eddie sally

August 27 2005
what do you get when you cross a fish and a cat? a:a catfish!! big stuf

meredith taylor

August 28 2005
i love that joke!!! I laughed for like 12 min. Meredith


August 28 2005
hey thanks man, that pretty much hit the spot, and i know u are all there. thats what is so great about all of u. and now u gatta go to the hope center tomorrow. we def need u. if u dont come thats ok, but just think of all the fights u could have prevented. lol jk, ill cya tomorrow. bye