September 13 2006
Good = ]
$ Money $
Music (yay for skillet and breaking benjamin and goo goo dolls and bon jovi because they make me happy)
18th birthday on Saturday!!! = clubbing time?
Field trips where you get muddy and physically challenged
Birmingham in less than a month!!!

Bad = [
Being broke.
The topic of predestination.
Unintentionally making people jealous...and not knowing really what to do about it.
Hearing rumors about yourself that aren't necessarily true.
THE DENTIST...dum dum dummmm....and the doctor's office too.....
Cars that won't function correctly.
People telling me I will fail at something I want really bad to succeed at
....actually just people that are critical altogether.
People that are cocky.

edit: I think i will be okay on MOST of the bad things now that i have kaitlin gay's solution to my every problem!

kaitlin gay

September 13 2006
i am going to help you solve every single "bad thing" on the list. ok?<br> <br> -work.. well, atleast you are able to work. some people have to sit at home because the dont have any legs to walk around on. <br> -predestination.. thats a true fact and i cant do anything to change it. sorry.<br> -making people jealous.. well, i would have to say just handle it with a good attitude. its unintentionally, so there is nothing you CAN do. keep living life =)<br> -rumors. what kind? i will beat them up for you. problem solved!<br> -hate the dentist. hate the doctor. so we are in the same boat there.<br> -cars. dont know a THING about them. no help there, either.<br> -people telling you that you will fail. wonderful verse for that one--<br> psalm 139:13-24<br> v.14: thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! your workmanship is marvelous and how well i know it!<br> -people that are cocky: hit them.

kaitlin gay

September 13 2006
problems solvedddd.. =)

beth cooper

September 13 2006
YAY skillet. ewww dentist. yep..i think that bout covers it.

Rebekah Minor

September 13 2006
why is the topic of predestination bad? if it makes you dive more into the word to prove your point regardless of whether you agree of disagree, its a good thing.


September 13 2006
lol.. the dentist.. haha we talked about that the other day, after that discussion i decided to go with being a dentist when i get older .. hahah ;)

eddie sally

September 16 2006
happy birthday dude hope its terrific.