August 26 2006

Meredith and I before the concert

Johnny Rzeznik...lead singer for the Goo Goo Dolls

and again!

and again!

and AGAIN!

and one more time!!!

the stage at looked amazing

the counting crows! Haha it looks like he has no arms.


and another closeup! (these last 2 pictures were taken of the screeen...don't be fooled we weren't actually that close haha i wish).

Most of the pics were a little blurry...i don't have the best zoom on my camera. But i still managed to get a few decent ones.
So there you have it! We had a BLAST. You Birmingham people have ALOT to look forward to!!!

Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days


August 26 2006
I friggin wish I could go to the concert here tuesday with liz and taylor, =( . Its too expensive, but if I could pay for it, it would so be worth every penny, Im glad yall had fun =). Luh u Garrett in him your sista sarah


August 26 2006
I like that music video... it's very well done!


August 27 2006
I LOOOOVE that song! the goo goo dolls are AMAZING

meredith taylor

August 27 2006
We need to go to concerts more often. but only if i had some more money 2 spend. and burn a hole in my pocket on a 30 dollar t-shirt! lol!!! I had a blast and the concert was amazing!! see you tomorrow!!!!