Cruise Control

May 06 2006
Well, life is pretty much on cruise control right now. I'm just sittin back and riding the waves the last 4 weeks of school. I've been pretty busy, but I like it. It keeps me occupied so i'm never bored out of my mind anymore. But yeah I met this really awesome girl who I have been meaning to hang out with forever, and finally got a chance. Her name is Trisha Thompson. Below are a few pics of me and her.

Me and Trisha at church

The first photo attempt where she wasn't looking at the camera haha.

Well that's about it for now. Be blessed.



May 06 2006
you're welcome & i know her! haha


May 06 2006
haha garrett be spittin that game!


May 07 2006
aww...well thanks gare---that is just what i wanted to

kaitlin gay

May 08 2006
i know.. its sad, isnt it?!


May 09 2006
hey homie g. HAHA! so yeh that is friggin awesome. Glad your life is going well. And yeh so I still havent heard ur ringtone thing. I should check it out. Wonder wat song it could be ...hmm... im thinkin... i dunno. haha okey doke ttyl ~sarah