funny stuff

February 03 2006

Here is some funny stuff that my bro e-mailed to me. It made me laugh really hard.

Toys that are hard to find:

When the phrase "oh crap" is considered appropriate

Lol well I hope that made u laugh. That is most of them. The rest were a little too inapropriate to put on phusebox (for instance...mary kate and ashley's easy bake meth


Chelsey Montgomery

February 03 2006
haha thats great. <3

the brian king kenobi

February 03 2006
the my little pony glue factory is the best.


February 03 2006
hahahahahhahahahha those are great ... aww i love mary kate and ash .. they are awesome .. lol but that is a good one hahahahahha

kaitlin gay

February 03 2006
well.. my little poet <i>iiis</i> a fruit cake.. but i thought that i would leave you an encouraging comment after i read your entry. glad to see that you took off all of the venting, hahaha.. wish i could have read it, though. might have been a good laugh?! mm.. well have a wonderful day tomorrow and i will see you at church on sunday =) I LOVE GARRETT HAYNES... lots! -kaitlin


February 03 2006
simply hilarious!


February 04 2006
that is so funny

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

February 04 2006
Dude! those are amazing! I wonder how many of those were real...LOL!