Bling it...what it is yo

January 12 2006
Bling Bling night was sweet. Congrats to Meredith for winning for the girls! I am the one with the case you couldn't tell. The message about unity was awesome also.

Group photo


Haha meredith looks like a robot


Get..that...dirt off your shoulders!

a little freestyle

yeah yeah

U have to give credit to the only real black man at bling bling night...Ka$h Fo$ter

J-mo and Patroni


Abigail with her blinking dice earrings

FULL METAL JACKET! Smile for me daddy!!!

Me and the shelbonator.

Grow in Christ,

Cool Runnings! Peace be da Journey!!!!!

Rachael Vance

January 13 2006
i'm liking the hair...u and meredith are precious together!

ami driver

January 13 2006
you are so amazing garrett.. tell it like it is! i love you and i know i can always come to you for an honest, Christ- reflected answer.. whether its what i wanna hear or not. and i need that. thanks friend. youre the best! ps-- just to let you know.. im getting you back with the hair thing next time i see you! =)


January 14 2006
garrett, i know i know, i owe u one. but still, thanks for coming with me today. and anyways, it wasnt that bad. i believe j mo is one of the coolest guys i know. he can tell freaking funny stories like no other. lol, but o well, ill cya at church tomorrow. cya brother. night.


January 16 2006
u know u gatta help me lugg that stuid goal into my truck tomorrow. im ganna need those rip muscles of yours. lol cya.


January 16 2006
o yea, Bible Study, was tight!!!!!

ami driver

January 16 2006
i love garrett haynes!! you my hero..