January 10 2006

So i'm goin to DBS formal with Meredith! Last night, after a much needed bible study, I walked out in the church parking lot and found my car covered in streamers, shaving cream, car paint (which was half smeared b/c it rained), baloons, and saran wrap. On the back window it said Formal? Haha she got pretty good. The funny thing is that I found out they were keeping a secret from me and I had a feeling that that was it but I didn't say anything! But yeah I am excited about that b/c i've never been to a formal before...and I get to wear a tux! So yeah that is gonna be tight. Hope yall have a great week! Do not forget who you are in Christ....but in case you do, I strongly encourage you to read the list below!!!!! I got them all from a booklet that clint nadeau gave me called "Who I am in Christ." I only put the ones on here that really stood out to me...and there is still alot of them and a ton more where that came from!!!!


Who I am In Christ

Because of Christ, I am...

  • able to do all things

  • accepted

  • alive with christ

  • adopted

  • anointed

  • appointed by God

  • assured of reward

  • Baptized into Christ

  • Beautiful

  • Becoming a mature person

  • Blessed

  • Bold and Confident

  • Born-again

  • Chosen

  • Cleansed

  • Confident

  • Dead to sin, alive to God

  • His Deciple

  • Disciplined

  • Encouraged

  • Equipped

  • Eyes fixed on Jesus

  • Filled with Joy

  • Free

  • Gifted

  • Given all things

  • Granted Grace by Christ Jesus

  • Guided

  • Honored

  • Hope fixed

  • Indestructible

  • Inseperable from His love

  • Justified

  • Known

  • Laying aside the old self

  • Light of the world

  • Made alive with Christ

  • Member of his body

  • New creation

  • Not given a spirit of fear

  • On the winning side!!!!!!!

  • Perfect and complete

  • Prayed for

  • Protected

  • Qualified to share His inheritance

  • Redeemed

  • Rejoicing

  • Renewed

  • Salt of the Earth

  • Sanctified

  • Set free

  • Soldier

  • Strong in the Lord

  • Treasured

  • Unafraid

  • Understood

  • United with Christ

  • Valued

  • Victorious!!!!!

  • Washed, sanctified, justified

  • His witness

  • His worshiper

  • Yielded to God


January 10 2006
hahaha my best friend saw them do that! lol!!!


January 10 2006
haha... thats so cool man! you'll have fun...

meredith taylor

January 10 2006
ha ha~ I got u good!!! go finish your spanish hw!!!! yuck!!! lol! any who talk to u tomorrow!!! Mer

elizabeth duncan

January 10 2006
Laguna Beach? Cool.

elizabeth duncan

January 11 2006
That's how the girls ask the guys to formal and then the dudes return the sentiment for prom.


January 11 2006
hey, i dont know about u, but when i opened that book and saw victorious, i got chills. that is such a great book.