Reality Check

December 05 2005

I honestly dont know how I feel about online gathering places of "friends", people sum you up by a profile, they get to know you without seeing your face. We dont have to form relationships using people skills, we just find someone with like interests and comment them with no threat of rejection. People can be whoever they want to be on the computer. Do you honestly think they look like that in person? Do you really know any of these people? This is where life and fantasy cohabitate. Reality sometimes hurts. But it's called life, you can't live it behind a screen. Be human, be vulnerable, be real, be hurt, be rational, be flexible, learn, grow, move on. Be human once again.

Well that was just something I was thinking about. People love to blog their entire life over the internet, but sometimes they get stuck in a fantasy world. That's why I think those words are important.


the brian king kenobi

December 05 2005
good thoughts, man


December 05 2005
very nice =D


December 05 2005
Ok garrett can I tell you I just about started crying if it had been any longer then tears would have been flowing down my face. You totally hit what i'm going through right know. WOW garrett your amazing thanks thats totally what I needed to hear right know that so much see ya soon bye Abi

Chelsea Turner

December 06 2005
yea it was pretty disgusting but hey it was flippin hilarious!!haha you had to be there!


December 07 2005