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Guitar, piano, horses.

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2 many 2 name

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His Dark Materials Series

have u ever

October 24 2006

been in a state of complete and utter confusion?
you dont know what to do next, or even what has already happened
your in a state of limbo, with no light at all
only the sound of your own voice and thoughts to keep you company...

i wish i knew what to do now

the brian king kenobi

October 24 2006
i know exactly what you're talking about. call me or im me, sometime.


October 24 2006
cry. take advil for the headache i get from crying... sleep.... yep that's what i do... ooo and eat chocolate... i here too! send me message


October 24 2006
I most certainly have. I'm here for ya anytime you need someone to talk to. Sometimes it's good to "think out loud" to someone else to help sort through your thoughts. Love ya and see you in class tommorrow!

Nathan Moore

November 08 2006
hang in there... it will work itself out.