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Guitar, piano, horses.

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2 many 2 name

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His Dark Materials Series


September 18 2006
well i have a minor, after much deliberation.. insert drum roll here...... WRITING! im goin to take writing classes one of which bein an intership class with a company in the boro and really put to use my writing skills which only few of you knew that i possessed! mwahaha im so happy about it! for the first time in a really long time i feel like im doin what im supposed to be doin and it feels awesome! i love u guys, wont see u on wednesday, work beckons again... le sigh


September 18 2006
And we love you! ...wait, what?


September 18 2006
I thought your minor was theatre... but that's cool. I've actually reconsidered English as a minor, but I'll probably stick with it. We all have to go with a little confusion in college, right? Well I predict much writing in your future between your major and minor! Anyhow... do you happen to own either a magenta or a teal shirt? This has to do with my video... ha ha... I have specific colors in my head. And I suppose if you could ask off for not this Saturday but next Saturday that would be marvelous, darling! I think some of the video will be at my place and then some of it at a grocery store... I hope I can find one that will let us shoot a video! But details later, now that I have left you hanging off a cliff of mysterious wonder!