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October 16 2005

hey.. i got some new pics.. aren't they awesome!!

This is Jay Chi and Austin Calloway at webbstock. Jay is Asian and Austin is Russian. These guys are awesome!

me and my european pimps..Austin and Mic.. Mic is German

my pimps.. Austin, Mic, and Jay

Becca, Austin, Me, and Heather

maybe it's time

October 07 2005
so i figured it might be time for an update. So soccer ends on Tuesday. We have a tournament then. Today was our last regular game. We played cascade yesterday and beat them 1-0. After the game yesterday i went over to justin's house and hung out with him for a while. Things are going so great between us. We have been together for almost 1 month! it seems so much longer than that. Well we have been talkin for a while, so ya know. So tonight Carolyn and I went to Hasting's and Sonic's after the game. FUN STUFF.. let me tell ya. that girl is awesome. but yeah i guess i'm going to go now. leave me comments XOXOXO


September 18 2005
this weekend has been so busy.. last nite... holly's sweet 16. it was so much fun.. today-church this mornin.. now- leavin to go to the coldplay concert.. leave me some love yall

no school

August 30 2005
hey. no school today.. I


August 24 2005
hey. school started monday. it has been awesome!!! we have our first soccer game on saturday in a tournament. we play at 10am then 1.30pm. so yall need to come out, or atleast wish us luck!! well I will ttyl!!


August 18 2005
well soccer has been so much fun lately.. i love it.. except my ankles hurt, but i'm learning to suck it up. so yall suck at leavin comments.. work on it!!

happy bday

August 15 2005
happy bday to me!!!!!!!! Sweet 15!!


August 11 2005
hey everyone. so lately i've been busy with soccer! i love it.. except my ankles are really hurting me, but it's so worth it. Today i went to soccer practice then to Bocelli's with becca and hunter.. they work there. yeah. it's a great place in Shelbyville if anyone wants to go get some great pizza and other stuff!! haha.. im advertising.. well now i'm home and i'm bout to go layout and get rid of the tan line from my shin guards.. lol. and my tank tops and razorbacks.. lol. well i'll talk to ya later!!


August 09 2005
well last night we went bowling. it was so much fun. i suck at it though..well today is my lil sister's bday.. mine is in 6 days!!! there are about a zillion bdays in August.. cool people were born in this month!!!!


August 07 2005
how do ppl have the audacity to go and hurt someone who never hurt them.. It really bugs me that some people could just care less about how their actions will effect the others around them... I can't go into details, sorry. but i will post more later. leave comments

Summer days

August 04 2005
wow. my summer has been pretty busy. In early June, Becca and I went to Destin, FL.. yeah.. Then in early July my family went to Jacksonville, FL.. (i'm tan now. yea me!) Then I went to Illinois and Alabama a few times. And last weekend I was in Ohio. wow. thats a lot of traveling. My bday is commin up!! 11 days.. yeah.. i get my permit. thats kinda scary. jk. i'm a good driver. well I guess I will ttyl. Leave some remarks... and visit my xanga


August 02 2005
Hey ppl. I'm new at this thing. I'm so used to xanga. so i'm gonna talk to ya later. leave some remarks. and the profile pic. lol. that was for a good cause. lol. love ya