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going pretty good

April 29 2008
Wow! I haven't posted anything in a long time really. I guess it doesn't really matter though because there's really not than many people on here to read. But even no one does, this is still the best way to clear my thoughts. Knowing someone will read it, makes it a little better I guess. So things have been going pretty good lately. I've noticed that I have started to really trust and confide in my best friends which has always been hard for me. Nothing extremely exciting has happened lately. Well maybe something has. It's complicated, and it's definately one thing I'd only tell my best friends to. But yeah, if this something does happen then it would be really exciting. And even though I'm stressed about scinece fair, I'm also not really that stressed. It's a very weird feeling. A feeling I've never felt.  Probably the best thing going on right now is dance. I'm really excited about recital and competition. Oh yeah! I meant to post a thought about our dance competition two weekends ago, but I just never got around to it. We got gold. But in dance that's actually the lowest thing you can get without getting anything. (It goes: gold, extreme gold, platinum, extreme platinum.) But that's still good considering our dance team is horrible. I have dance team try-outs coming up soon, and I really hope I make it. This will be the third time I make it, but I feel like I've improved a lot this year. So if you've read all this kudos to you, but if you didn't, I really don't care. (Not that you would ever read this part anyway. lol)

At the Crossroads of Life

April 29 2008