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What's wrong with me?

April 14 2008

The past few days I've noticed that I keep zoning out. When I come out of it, I have no clue to what's going on. And a lot of times, I hear people talking, but I don't really comprehend what they are saying. I'm just kind of looking around and nodding politely. Tonight at dance it was really bad though. Even though I've been working on the same dance for almost a year, I kept blanking out and couldn't remember what came next. I didn't really feel dizzy. Just like I didn't know what was going on. Ms. Katie (my dance teacher) kept looking at me weird and told me to sit down if I felt bad. At one time she was talking to me, but I really didn't understand what she was saying. Then Sydnee said my name and Ms. Katie started laughing I guess because I didn't respond. So I started dancing, but I just couldn't remember ANYTHING. Ms. Katie made me sit down for the rest of the class. I know this probably isn't a good thing, but I hope it's not serious. I was hoping maybe one of you guys would a clue to what's wrong with me. I really hope I don't do this this Saturday because I have a dance competition, and I don't want to look retarted. My mom wants to take me to the doctor, but I don't like bloods are needs. Actually I'm absolutely terrefied of them. So yeah...I'm a little freaked.

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April 15 2008
there's probably nothing wrong with you. as long as you aren't getting dizzy or having problems with nausea, i wouldn't worry. zoning out is normal, but passing out is a sign of anemia..which a lot of teenage girls have and don't know it. so it's not something to be scared of, but not something to totally forget about either. i'm praying for you