Relationship Status


Do things really always happen for a reason?

June 11 2007
I mean obvioulsy God has a plan in store for us that's going to be great, but why must we have to go through so many down falls along the way? I mean it seems like I'm losing all my friends over a misunderstanding. I mean does God really want me to lose a great friendship? What could possibly come out of this that's good? I don't see any silver lining to this cloud yet. I mean maybe there could be one, but the only thing I want to come out of this is I want my friend back. That's all I'm asking for. How hard is that? Apparently a lot harder than it looks because I'm still friendless.

♥ eyes...♥

June 11 2007
what is there that i'm not've already made it pretty clear. i am willing to be your friend but i might not be able to trust you as much

Cassie Frye

June 11 2007
Well, we're not exactly to know wheater a friendship is good for us or not. His was are hinger than our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Though we may think somthing is good for us, in truth it may not as time goes on. I don't exactly know your situation, but I am a firm believer than everthing happens for a reason. Take a look at Job...I mean he was going through a terrible time, but God rewarded him for his faithfullness and in the end his faith in God was strenthened. I am truly sorry about your situation, though.