Here, Voice! Come On, Boy!

August 24 2006

So yeah... I have lost my voice... can't find it anywhere. I think I just have a cold that was triggered by stress, which is okay because I love stress but the effects are bad. Yeah, I was feeling kinda bad today and sure enough, in the middle of interviewing cadets for the new Platoon Sergeant position, I lost my voice and sounded like the God-Father. Yet, it made everyone laugh, so that was good.

The ever wonderful Trish Fusco has agreed to dye my hair. What color? I will leave that up to her.

School is going great, I like all my classes but is it just me or are there even more females at Oakland this year? All my classes seems to be dominated by females. Two of my classes there are only like two or three guys in there including me! It is kinda weird...


August 25 2006
that was an odd remark, lol. bc pretty sure ya wouldnt be too happy if i did that to you. are you in calculus?


August 26 2006
i'm sorry that you think that i am incompitent and that i am ignorant. i am a little rough around the edges.. but i did NOT lie about what you said and what i said. think of it this way... atleast only 1 of us is in denial. wether you hate me or not, you still have to deal with me tomorrow. like it or not... so you will have to get over the stupid fight for a few hours and be my friend. even if i have to force you to. =]


August 26 2006
michael... *tut tut* you know you love me. and you know i love you. we are friends. just deal with it sweety. =]