So I

June 06 2005
I want to be swept off my feet. I know this sounds very melodramatic. That is what I want. I am not going to make it hard for anyone so below are some easy steps to sweep me off my feet.

1.Sweet talk me, and play fight with me. I like to argue. Nothing mean or evil just over things.

2. Take me to the park. I like the outdoors. I am not afraid to get muddy. If there is any type of sport to go along with it. I would be overjoyed. Don't laugh when I trip over myself.

3. Give me a book so we can discuss it. I like to read. I want to be able to share my opinions.

4. Take me to the movies and buy me a popcorn. Don't laugh at me when I get excited when the Harry Potter preview comes on. I know I am a dork.

5.Just be yourself. That is only thing a girl can hope for.

May I ask where is my Mr.Darcy?


June 07 2005
sounds simple enough, surely someone will come along

cole brown

June 09 2005
that sounds just delightful