I'm going crazy

February 28 2006

I feel so utterly lost. My head just isn’t on straight or something. Everything is jumbled, and I just want to fast-forward the next couple of months. I’m loosing sleep, and nothing seems that important. This list is as follows.


  • Seniorisitis- My grades sucked this six weeks, I don’t know when I stopped trying. I know they don’t count any longer, but I was studying and working so hard. It doesn’t help any that my sister made all A’s. Then to think college is only going to be harder. I am going to have to work hard to pull them up this last semester. My absences are piling up for my first period, and I do not want to take a final.

  • PROMblem- Obviously I am an ugly cow. I know I should confront this head on and just ask someone, but there isn’t really anyone I feel comfortable asking. No one wants to ask me. I just feel like a looser; I have never needed a boy in my life until now. So if anyone knows anyone, I would love to take a few people on a couple of dates.

  • Track- Actually is going wonderfully. Well, except for some annoying girls. I just want more people out, and I want to race and now. I just want to know that I am doing well.

  • COLLEGE!- EEK! Is all I have to say. I have visited the campuses and have like most of them. I keep thinking that some overwhelming feeling will tell me that I belong there. Everybody else seems so ahead of the game, and I am not. I just want to afford to go to college, and I just don’t know.

  • I just feel like life is out of my control. I am a control freak, though I just don’t show it that much. I just pray everything will work out, but it never seems to happen.