Did anybody else see that dove commerical on during the Superbowl?

February 08 2006

It always seems odd to me that so many girls in America have problems with self-confidence, and especially with their looks. I just can’t see how girls go to such extremes to change themselves such as starving themselves, plastic surgery and tanning booths. God made you, and why would want to mess with someone who made the world, obviously, he thinks you are perfect. You could take this to an extreme, and never wash or brush your hair. You must also remember that your body is a temple, and you must maintain it.  The second reason, I can’t believe girls go to such extremes, is that I have never thought that I was ugly. Every once in a while I get a angry with how my hair is etc..but it is usually over with in five seconds. I also know I am not gorgeous or very pretty. I think of myself as different looking, and I pretty much like the way I am. It is hard to see why girls go to such extremes, and I only hope this epidemic stops.