What is your diagnosis doctor? Senioritis

January 31 2006

I never thought it would happen to me. Perhaps, because I was thought myself too motivated, or taking too hard of classes. There would be no room to slack off. Let me tell you, you might feel like you are slacking off now, but it is nothing like Senioritis.

So I was sitting in the middle of English with lovely Mrs. Juergens. I am seating there listening to her ramble on about a term paper or something. This idea just came to me, what would happen if I just walked out of the class. Really could they do anything to me? I am a senior who has never gotten in trouble. I soon realized that I was just being lazy, and quickly tried to bring my attention back to Mrs. Juergens. This was unsuccessful; my mind began to wander towards college and the classes there. My want for to do homework has gone down hill, mind you I never had much of a will to do it anyways, but now I find myself not even bringing any of my books home or for that matter, trying to do it at school. I have caught Senioristis, let's just hope I don't come down with a serious case.

Still no prom date..don't know if I am going to be brave enough to ask...but enough about that.