An easy quiz..

January 25 2006

Can someone answer the question on why I am freaked out by prom? Please choose the most correct answer.

A.I don't think I will be asked.
B.I don't know who I would ask
C.I haven't even thought about dresses
D.I don't even think I have a group of people I could go with as a group.
E. All of the above

If you picked E, you are right. You can also assume that I am going to go completly insane before this is over.


January 26 2006
ok I can solve all of that. If your not asked...screw them... Ask a friends to go.. even if its a girl... who cares if they think your a Lesbian...what they think doesn't really matter. Dresses are easy... don't dwell on getting the perfect one just find one you like and looks good on you.


January 26 2006
Cara prom is not suppose to be stressful! Just go with friends! I love ya...don't be so stressed