So I had my first non running related mental breakdown..

January 06 2006

So I can't stand AP English. I actually came out of there nearly crying. The only class I can't drop, I really want to. The following are the reasons for my mental breakdown.

1. I studied for two days for the Middle English passage, and made a terrible grade.

2. That woman decided to change what our term paper was going to be on. I am one of those kids who has had their book picked out since freshman year. Now, instead we have to write a term paper on a Canterbury tale. Goodness, we have been studying this it seems like forever, do we really need to go more in depth.

3. I do not feel like I am going to prepared for the AP exam. We have only written one paper in thier this whole year. Then all sudden she wants us to start preparing. So basically, we slack off the whole first of the year, and try to cram everything in at the end. She isn't a good teacher, and only seems to care about the yearbook.

I really wish I could drop this class, but I need to take the AP, and to do that I have to be in this class. Really, I made a 36 on reading on the ACT, isn't like I can't pass this. If I am going to be made to jump through pointless hoops for grades that don't even count, I might just loose.



Did anyone else notice the Oakland domatation group? So they win one game in five by four points and thinks they dominate us? Hello, we beat you in football, and well pretty much everything else. So one game isn't that big of deal.