I tend to enter rooms with a big knife in my hand

December 10 2005

This tale begins when my sisters and I come home from A Charlie Brown Christmas, which I must say was awesome to say the least, and we come into our currently empty dark house. I go to the front doorway to turn on the the outside Christmas lights, and behind me I hear something fall. My sisters and I quickly search the downstairs only to conclude that the noise came from upstairs. Then one of us hears voices from upstairs. I go quicky to the silverware drawer and pull out the biggest scariest knife I can find. My sisters follow pulling out a smaller knife and a pair of scissors. I start to climb the stairs and they refuse to follow. So I am exploring the dark upstairs with this huge knife. I find nothing and come downstairs. Then Savannah hears a noise and refuses to go upstairs. None the less, we sat around with knifes, until Tori checked upstairs, carrying scissors, and there was nothing. Anyways, I tend to create crazy elaborate fears in my head and then search my house with a huge knife.

Also, could scissors really stab a man?



December 11 2005
lol unfortunately this whole senario sounds too familiar to me.