October 25 2005
Here's a photo I found of Jesus and I love this I wonder if he really looks like all the photo's we have seen.


October 24 2005
Ever since I was a little girl my dream has and will remain to be the same dream to marry a italian.Well I got 2nd best to that last night.I went on a date with a italian named Anthony Angelo or AKA Angel is what you would call him (LOL).He's 23 and he's italian of course.He's a ball room /salsa dance instructor.But,he had a flat tire when he got here so my dad help him put a spare one on.But,anyways my dad thought he seemed nice which is major brownie points with me cause Im a huge big time daddy's girl.But,anyways we went to his house last night and we watched American History X.He opened all the doors for me so nice and smooth.He's such a ladies man for sure.Anyways when I met his dad I felt like I made the Godfather cause they sound the same.He's got italian stuff everywhere in there house.He spoke some italian to me how romanitc.I wonder if he can cook some good Italian food for sure.


October 20 2005
I went to bed at about 2 or 3 PM yesterday and woke up at 12 AM.When I woke up I was so scared that I was in tears.I had a nightmare someone was stabbing me in my chest in and out.I felt like I was in another world.I felt like I was on the movie Nightmare On Elm Street.I asked
some of my friend's when I woke up what time and day it was cause I thought it was Friday at 12 PM but it was 2day at 12 AM.That freaked me out totally all the way.


October 17 2005
Im so bored the day is going by so slowly.I got up way too early today.I usually dont get up early cause Im not the early bird type like I use to be anymore.


October 16 2005
This song fits me alot at least I think it does cause it's talking about falling and getting back up.I have fallen and I just got my faith back again.The lord hit me and she made me realize that he will love me no matter what and not to loose my faith again.I know he will never forsake me so I need to not ever forsake him.

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October 16 2005
I need need to get back on my studies of the bible.I have been slacking up and I need quit that.We all make mistake's and slack up sometime.But,we should make up a accuse for it.


October 16 2005
Anyways Sunday's are such boring lazy day's.I have just been sleeping and surfing the web and grubbing on some food.Man I wanna out of Tennessee so bad.Its just so boring here.


October 15 2005

I went to the Drive In with my family in Woodbury,TN.We saw The Fog.It's two movies in one but we ended up not staying for Into The Blue.I had some pizza and a sprite to drink and some naco's and cotton candy.The movie The Fog is so great and it was kinda scary.I wanna see it again thats how good of a movie it was.


October 11 2005
A sin is a sin no matter how big or small it is.We all sin everyday and we need to relize that and as christians or as us people we shouldnt judge others cause we all make mistakes.I mean thats what make's us human cause no one is perfect but the one and only heavenly father.


October 09 2005
I have been reading the bible and studing it alot here lately.It kinda scares me cause I use to not be like that and really get into what the bible says and I take notes on whatever it is Im reading.I didnt think I could ever learn actually what its trying to tell us in whatever were reading.The Bible is more than just some book.Its the Holy Bible and it is Holy.Its speaking God's word.We really do need to focus on reading the bible more and what is trying too tell us.


October 08 2005
Well I had a really great time at my Grandma's accept for not enough sleep and I havent been eeling well here lately.My tummy tum hurts alot.Anyways I hope everyone's having a great day.
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October 07 2005
Im going to stay the night with my dad's mom up the road tonight.I burned some Christian mixed Cd's to liten to with her and Im bringing The Notebook, Monster's In Law,Jerry McQuire to watch with her 2night.Were also going to Taco Bell so yummy in my tummy.


October 06 2005
I went to the Nashville Zoo with my Grammy (my mom's mom),my little cousin Taylor who's 12 and my little cousin Morgan who's 10 today.I took like 80 pictures of all the animals.I bought two stuffed animal tigers. There aww so cute and Tiger was my first word ever as a baby.Well I went with my sis Kaylei and Martina and my man now Scott to Sanctuary at Otter Creek Church Of Christ again for my 2nd time.I had such a great killa time again.Well Im dating Scott now and he's so gentle and sweet and respects me which is so sweet.He's a major sweetheart and Im glad I met him.


October 05 2005
Its so weird I miss my sis so much.I know she's in college getting her education.But,I dont know its just so hard on me.The house never moves and settles anymore.Its so quiet and lonely in the house.I feel like Im the only child sometime's.Its kinda nice at time's but other time's so lonely.It's like I just wanna go move into her dorms at Lipscomb with her but not be a student there haha.Anyways I know she's making alot of friend's there and have a really great time.I always pray for her safety to do well and just have a great year and many year's there.


October 05 2005
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You are Romans.

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Im visiting my Grammy and my cousin Taylor.Were fixing to eat some chicken for lunch so yummy in my tummy.Yum Yum Chicken yippy yah.Anyways I have been up for one whole day it will be almost two days straight since I have been up.I promise Im a total insomanic and I can never get my sleep schedule write.We always watched The Notebook today and that was my 5th or so time to watch.I cry tons of tears everytime I watch it and we all just cried like big girlie babies.Anyways its my black cat Love's 13th birthday today.WOW! she's so old cause I got her on my 8th birthday.I have had her since I was in 1st grade.I just feel so old for that now.


October 03 2005
Well I started talking to this guy Scott I randomly found on Facebook last week on Wednesday for the 1st time.We have been talking on the phone and online everyday since than.I mean were just really clicking and having this connection like we have known eachother forever.He just always seems to amaze me not just in personality wise and how sweet he is but how he's got such strong faith in the Lord loving him so much and showing it.I just never really noticed how there are a few people that really show that they love the lord so much and there not fake about it.I dont like it when people say one thing and do another.He always seems to worship for the lord cause thats how he feels and not cause others are doing it.He just has such a heart of gold.He's real special to me and Im glad Im getting to meet other fellow Christians like himself.But,He's like always telling me how much he thinks about me all the time and that Im the prettiest girl he's ever seen and Im just like sitting here thinking yeah right thats the funniest thing I ever heard.That is also really good that me and him can have really deep conversations about what love means and God and the bible and other deep conversations we have.We just so relate to eachother and everything.

More Than Words

October 02 2005
I love the old version of this song also but Frankie J. rocks my socks off wait Im not wearing any cause I always go the bear foot way.I wear sandles a little bit too much even in t he cold except when its in December late late winter.
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frankie j - more than words

It's So Hard Trying To Figure Out What I Wanna Do Forever

October 02 2005
I have no clue on what I wanna do for the rest of my life.Sometime's I just feel so stupid like Im a loser cuase I dont know.But,I know God will show me that light when he wants me to know what I wanna do with the rest of my life.I just wonder what it is he wants me to do.I think we always do in some certain way in certain things we dont know about he shows us only when he thinks its best for us to know.


September 30 2005
My Grandmommy is the sweetest lady and most special person in my life ever and will always remain to be.I dont know what I would do without her.She's the one person that I couldnt imagine life without.She's my very best friend and hero.She gives so much and never once thinks about herself.She just always puts others first.When she prays she kneels down by her bed on her hands and knee's and prays her heart out.She's such a strong loving christian.I go and visit her up the street at least once or twice a month if not more.She's the only one I can really pore my heart out to besides God himself.I love my Grandma so much.


September 29 2005
Anyways without my sister Kaylei having me over to stay in the dorms last week of Lipscomb University I would never have my faith back.So Kaylei I Love You for it.Thanks,sis so much for having me over.Im glad I gained my faith back in the Lord and its a big huge Thanks,to my sis Kaylei for making it all possible to get my faith back.This is her My Sister Kaylei's Phuse Box page.

Focusing On You Lord

September 28 2005
As I kneel to pray to you heavenly father.I want to thank you for today and all the day's you give me to live even though I worry about my future and my hardcore depression.Anyways Im not gonna and havent been worrying about guys anymore.Im focusing on my love for you cause I know Im still young and guys are always gonna come and go.But,with having you I know you will never come and go you will always be around.So Thank you lord for helping me realize I need to put you 1st and my focuses tords you.So thats what Im doing and keep doing.
In Him,

Just A Little More Love

September 27 2005
We all need love and on that this is a great killa video and its also on my myspace page that I use more than this.But,Im using phusebox just as much here lately.

David Guetta - Just A Little More Love


Dear Lord

September 26 2005
You are truely so amazing to love us all no matter what and to always help us keep our faith alive for you.Lord alot of times I just feel so alone and cold in the dark and just dont know what to do.Does everything truely happen for reason?Im so lost and confused feeling. Sometime's Lord I just feel like there's no hope for me at all.Just give me the strength to stay strong always.Im not gonna give up on you.I know when my time come's for certain things you will show me and it will be special when those things happen.
In Him,

"Whatever you do,do it all for the glory of God."-1 Corinthians 10:31-


September 25 2005
Dear Lord,
Thanks,for just always believing in me.
Without you I wouldnt of ever had this hope to believe in anything again.I so cant wait to see Lord what you have in store for me each and everyday cause I know whatever it is that you will show me in certain ways.If its a problem I know you will always help me get through it.I know whatever problems or struggles you give me in life are given to me for a reason.I know the reason being is to help me fight to become straonger in my faith in you Lord to show me that I can get through it.Im glad I always have you to look upon no matter what problems I might be facing.Im just trusting in you now and forever to lead me down the right path.Im always wondering what you have in store for me in my near future.I wish you could just show me some kinda sign to where Im headed to in my life.I know Thursday was a special day you gave me to show me some sorta sign.I know it was a sign to get right with you and get up on my feet again to believe in you and Im glad I had that sign sent to me that day.
In Him,

About My Mom Reading My Xanga

September 24 2005
Well the last two entries I posted on my phusebox I posted on my xanga and my xanga user name is BabyGurlModel21.Well I called my mom and told her to read them two and she did and than called me back and was in tears no joke.She goes Im letting your dad read it cause it really teared me up which is really touching for me to read some thing you wrote that you meant that came truely from your heart.I didnt write it to touch anybody.I wrote it cause its how I feel and I write the truth no lies in that one.Well Im glad my mom enjoyed reading my last two entries.I hope everyone enjoy's comng to my page and reading the joy's of my everyday Christian life.I love everybody and I want everyone to know Im hear for you anything you need me to be cause you can always count on me.

1] Do you believe the south will rise again? No
2] Do you drive a four-wheel drive automobile? No
3] Do you live in a mobile home? No
4] Is your car still primer gray? Nope
5] Do you like country music? No
6] Do you have a broken car in your back yard? No
7] Do you own a cowboy hat? No
8] Do you live on more then 2 acres? No
9] Do you have more then 4 different animals at your home? No
Total YES: 0

1] Do you wear black eyeliner?: Yes
2] Is most of your clothing dark?: No
3] Do you think about death often?: No
4] Do you want to die?: No
5] Are you a social outcast?: No
6] Are you pale?: No
7] Do you like Hot Topic?: Yes
8] Do you enjoy Tim burton movies? Yes
9] Are you nice?: Yes
Total YES: 4

-Skater Punk-
1] Can you skateboard?: No
2] Do you wear Vans?: Yes
3] Do you do stupid stuff with your friends? Yes
4] Have you gotten in trouble with the Cops?: Nope
5] Do you watch the x-games? No
6] Do you have any piercings?: Yes
7] Do you like/wear mohawks? Nope
8] Do you wear Band t-shirts: Yes
9] Have you called someone a poser?: Yes
Total YES: 5

1] Do you say the word "like": Yes
2] Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?: Yes
3] Do you pop the collar? No
4] Do the people in Hot topic scare you?: No
5] Is the only nerd u like Seth Cowen? No
6] Do you watch LAGUNA BEACH? Yes
7] Do you like pop music: Yes
8] Do you want/have a little dog?: Yes
Total YES:5

1] Is your hair long?: No
2] Do you own a tye-dye shirt?: Yes
3] Do you want peace?: Yes
4] Do you want to save the animals? Yes
5] Do you think war is unneccesary?: Yes
6] Is love essential in your life?: Yes
7] Have you smoked pot? Nope
8] Do you like classic rock and trippy music? Yes
Total YES: 6

1] Do you act ghetto?: Sometimes
2] Do you wear do-rags?: Nope
3] Do you like hip-hop?: Yes
4] Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?: Yes
5] Do you believe he's alive?: No
6] Do you like afros?: No
7] Have you ever said "Fo Shizzle"?: Yes
8] Do you like to dance?: Yes
9] Do you own any Baby Phat or G-Unit: Yes
Total YES: 6

1] Do you cry often? Occasionly
2] Do you wear hoodies: Yes
3] Do you like soft music: Yes
4] Do people not understand you?: Yes
5] Do you write your own songs?: Yes
6] Ever dyed your hair red, black or dark: Yes
7] Do you cut your hair: Yes
8] Are you lonely: Yes
9] Is Ohio for lovers?: No
Total YES: 8

1]Do you surf? No
2] Do you wear flip flops all year-round?: No
3] Is your hair shaggy?: No
4] Do you wake up before 6 every morning?: No
5] Do you own any pairs of shorts?: Yes
6] Are you tanned? No
8] Do you want to be at the beach right now?: Yes
9] Do you hate tourists?: No
Total YES: 2

1] Do you wear glasses: Yes
2] Do you get good grades? No
3] Do you use an inhaler?: No
4] Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets? No
5] Does your mom pick out your clothes?: No
6] Are you on the computer often?: Yes
7] Do you ever get picked on?: Yes
8] Do you look forward to going to school?: No
9] Are you shy around the opposite sex?: Sometimes
10] Do you have braces?: No
Total YES: 4