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Brandon Ray

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January 14, 2006

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Creating websites, making videos, playing drums, listening to Christian music


Switchfoot, Relient K, Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, Barlow Girl, Toby Mac, Third Day, John Reuben, The Afters, Building 429, Matthew West


Napoleon Dynamite, Harry Potter


Harry Potter

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HEY YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am back.  I had a few problems with logining in, but obviosly, Nathan fixed that problem (thanks Nathan).  So many things have happened since I've been gone.  I have been making videos and such for the Oprah Winfrey show all week, so that took up most of my time.  Also I wrote a poem today...yes I was born to write this stuff...

RAIN - by Brandon Ray

Rain, it falls upon my face

the song it sings is "Amazing Grace"

Thunder clouds and lightening sound,

as the rain falls to the ground.

Rain, it makes the flowers grow,

and in the winter it turns to snow.

Rain, Rain, Rain, it will fall,

until it comes to a sudden stall.

Peace out...
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So I went to the movie theatre and asked them if they still had those free music download cards.  Well get this, they gave me 9, yes NINE!!!  SO after contemplating (or "thinking" for those C- students) on what songs I should get, I finally Chose these:

1. Diverse City - TobyMac
2. Intruding Again - TruDog
3. 'Til the Day that I Die - Third Day
4. Getaway Car - TobyMac    ...didn't really like this one...
5. Here is Our King - David Crowder Band
6. A Beautiful Collision - David Crowder Band
7. Do Not Move - David Crowder Band
8. Wire - Third Day

and some other song by David Crowder Band...

Not to mention the other two I got the other night:

1. Jesus Freak - DC Talk
2. Catchafire(Remix) - TobyMac


If I slip, will they catch me, or watch me fall?!
I am walkin' on a WIRE!"
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Need a Website?

If anyone wants a website, I am your man. Just message me or e-mail me:

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\"People think I\'m strange, does it make me a stranger, that my best friend was born in a manger.\"

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Here\'s a new concept for the EATS logo for Proxy521 at Belle Aire.

Hope you guys enjoy, and I hope Hambone uses it.
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