Talladega Nights Sucks !!!

August 06 2006

Pretty much the worst movie ever !!! I hated it. Especially beign a racing fan it makes it look like all racing fans are a bunch of drunks which ain't true at all. The gay driver from France named Jean. Thats just wrong. Especially the kissing scene at the very end. I would have loved to leave but I was with a friend and didn't have my car. Will Ferell does it again and makes another awful movie.

I'll admit there was a FEW, very few, but few times in which i did laugh.

I've been to Talladega prolly 6 times in my life to watch Nascar races and of those 6 times I've never seen a guy run out of his car thinking he was on fire and take of his racing suit and is running around in his underwear. NEVER !!

To me as a  Christian you cannot laugh at homosexual jokes and things that are innappropriate and stuff that alot of people sturggle with in life. Its not right. If you do laugh its kinda like what society is doing just shrugging their shoulders and just accepting it.

Ben Moser

August 06 2006
thats the point of a fictional movie...


August 06 2006
are you serious dude. do you have a since of humor at all? the point of a comedy movie is not to make things exact. it's to take something real, and fictionalize it, and try and make it funny. it wasnt a documentery, it was a comedy.

beth cooper

August 06 2006
hmm ive gotta agree with the others. its supposed to be fiction. that means not real, doesnt really happen.

Kelly Sullivan

August 06 2006
Yeah... Pretty sure the underwear was done for comedic effect.

kelsey shearron

August 06 2006
i hated it too. and i wanted to leave but i was also there with a friend...it was ridiculous..


August 06 2006
i'm an open-wheel fan, so i look forward to something making fun of Nascar :)


August 06 2006
I agree it was pretty much the worst movie ever ! Will ferell did another awful movie

Andrew Lykins

August 06 2006
Im glad you told me man now I wont go see it.


August 06 2006
You shoulda know it was gonna be bad Nascar and will Ferell dont mix.


August 07 2006
Basically, i agree with the kids at the top...you can't look to seriously into these things...i saw it too, && i thought it was kinda funny, i mean it wasn't the best thing in the world, but you just have to sit back and laugh sometimes.

Aaron Massey

August 07 2006
dude... you took that movie WAY TOO seriously.

the brian king kenobi

August 07 2006
jean was from france, not germany. that's why he had a french accent.

Hunter Barry

August 07 2006
And don't get me started on the inaccuracies of Old School...

Dan the Dan-Man Daniel

August 08 2006
I loooove the fact that you posted three times with different names on this one post. The Lykins one was pretty original though. Oh and the homosexual thing...you gotta be kidding me.


August 08 2006
naw its fun in the boro, I will have to disagree haha =p. ttyl in him ~ sarah


August 09 2006
I totally agree with you in the last part you said

Noah Culver

August 10 2006
freakin chill dude. he wasnt endorsing homosexuality. it was a J-O-K-E.

Robert Mathis

August 11 2006
I totally agree with everything you said. It was an awful movie and expecially the thing you said at the very end about being a Christian I strongly agree with that. I dont think any movie should have homosexuality in it. Its not right and something has to be done about it. We are teaching the kids of today that its ok to marry the same sex.