so there's this thing. . .

October 01 2006

That I need major prayers over. . .

A lady talked to my Spanish class a couple of weeks ago about studying abroad in Spain for five weeks next summer. It's a great opportunity for me to enhance my Spanish speaking skills and for me to get six credits easy. . .

. . . but something was nagging me and saying that maybe I should spend that much money on a trip for something a little Bigger.

Bigger like a mission trip where I'd be gone for nine weeks in Mexico, Guatemala, and Hondouras next summer.

How awesome would that be?

Anyway, not that I don't think that God doesn't actually want me to go and spread His word, but pray that if I make the decision to do the mission trip that it's where God wants me.

Oh, and pray for Laura, too, because she wants to do this too. We've both talked off and on about going on a mission trip to a Spanish speaking place.

i'm averaging about an entry a week on here. . .

September 23 2006

Honestly, I have nothing of importance to say.

Mom and I went shopping at Opry Mills today where we spent a majority of our time in the Gap Outlet. I had an extra coupon for 15% an entire purchase, so I gave it to a lady with a load of stuff in her arms, and she seemed to really appreciate it. It made me happy.

Cason Lane goes on fall break in about two weeks, and I'm going to have first grade for at least the first week. I need an arts and crafts activity a day, and so far I know I'm definitely making ghosts and pumpkin cupcakes. If anyone knows of some simple Halloween/fall related activities, shoot me a commet, por favor. . .

Speaking of Spanish. . . my kids actually spoke it on Friday!!! With each child, I went around and pretty much all of them held a ((short)) conversation with me: "Hola Joshua" "Hola, Ms. Miller" "Como estas?" "Bien, y tu?" "Bien, gracias." "de nada". We also reversed it so they could ask how I was ((como estas)). I know, it really doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but these kids are between five and eight years old!

"Oh bother!" -Winnie the Pooh

September 17 2006

. . . well, at least it wasn't a slaughter. And at least they're a lot better than last year. One of these days, I will see that game in person.

((I'm referring to UT, for those of you who don't know-- and don't care))

In other news, things are going quite swimmingly. Mom bought me a new desk yesterday, and my brother is going to put it together. I'm very happy; the desk I've been using since I was twelve is only big enough for my monitor and keyboard.

I will also be getting an ipod ((finally!)) very soon. My sister-in-law overheard me tell Dad something about paying for half one one for Christmas, and she told me she'd sell her barely used, 20 gig for $150, but I'm gonna give her a little more.

Fall is here, and I love every minute of it. Everything is so Beautiful.


September 07 2006

Alarm. Snooze button. Alarm. Snooze button. Alarm. Fine, I'll get up. Shower/hair/makeup. Drive. Class. Walk. Class. Walk. Class. Walk. Lunch. Work. Children. Headache. Hunger. Drive. Home. Homework. What test?

Yeap. . . that sums it up.

Men aren't worth the pain women put themselves through over them.

No offense. That can go the other way as well.

for serious

September 05 2006

i could use some prayers for something that is very much on my heart. i'm not saying what it is, but i need a sign.



September 04 2006

I'm not particularly fond of writing about my day and all that jazz anymore. Seriously, what does that do for you, my readers? Nothing, unless I have a funny story and it brings laughter to your life.

I wish we were more real with each other. I wish that we didn't pretend that everything was fine and dandy when it's not. People that put on a show and supress what they really feel are just setting themselves up for nothing. Nothing is accomplished unless true feelings are revealed. Have you ever noticed how much more things make sense when you know the truth? Have you ever noticed how much more quickly problems reach a solution when we're honest with each other?

well. . .

September 02 2006

I bought some suspenders today.

. . . had I gotten some black and white patent leather shoes, I'd be reliving my childhood.


August 26 2006

sometimes my life feels like one big push of the replay button


August 23 2006
It's a shame when you realize that Halloween is a year round holiday in some people's minds.

mmm. . .

August 20 2006

This has been a good summer :)

I'd elaborate, but part of me wants to keep it to myself.

I've glanced back over the past four months and have seen how God has made Himself so evident in my life and the things He's doing with it. I do not know what His next move will be, but it won't be bad. How can it be?

. . . after this day two years ago, I never hear the word "cornmuffin" without thinking of precious Bruce.


August 16 2006

 James tell us to consider it joy when we face trials. Why should we be joyful when we're right in the middle of a messy breakup? Why would we want to have joy when we learn of a lie that's been going on for six months? Who wants to express joy when we're breaking down in a mess of confusion and frustration?

Everytime we run to God with our pain and struggles, we strengthen our relationship with Him. Our perseverence through the struggles allows us to mature and be complete so that we lack nothing. That is why we should have joy.

God is preparing us for so many awesome things, and if we want it to be a perfect God written story, we HAVE to suffer. We HAVE to hurt. James doesn't say "IF you face trials", he says "WHENEVER you face trials".

When we are ready, God allows us to move to another chapter in our lives. There, once again, struggles will come up, tears will be shed, and doubts will arise. But we will have God. He is there to guide us through our story.

And then the words stop coming to mind. I guess that's all I was supposed to share. I'm sorry if it doesn't make senese. . . I was just sitting at my computer and suddenly God was like "Yeah, Anna. . . think back for a second. Yeah, you know the frustration you've felt? You know how you felt like your heart had been rippd out? That's all for a reason. You ran to Me though, you see? You ran to Me, and because of that you're being filled with more of Me. Remember James? '. . . mature and not lacking anything.' You're on that route. Keep on."

i miss you so

August 13 2006

There's only so much pictures, memories, and instant messages can do.

allow me to be a sap for a moment. . .

August 11 2006

"That can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars over the fence, world series kind of love."

Yeah. . . that's what it's about.

I can't wait.


August 04 2006

The guy working the T-Mobil kiosk at Stones River tried to get me to walk over and talk to him. Keep in mind that he didn't try to lure me with a suave head gesture. The guy was seriously checking me out, went "pssst!!!!", and wagged his finger at me.

Something tells me he was trying to sell me more than a phone.

I'm happy to say that I did not buy one pair of jeans today. I did buy six shirts and a skirt though :)


July 30 2006

Ridiculous doesn't even begin to cover it.

Lately, everywhere I look I see answered prayers along the journey. Things I prayed for when I was fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen years old have been revealed to me over the past year. I would suggest that we take a moment and say a few more prayers for ourselves five years from now.

God has it all covered. He's got this amazing story he's writing for us, but everytime we try to jerk the pen from His mighty hand a squiggly line is made in our story.

Do you like it when you're writing a totally awesome story, song, or poem and then have someone bump your hand causing the pen to go off the line and make a squiggly?

Neither does God.


July 28 2006
if you're not doing anything tonight we're ((me and aimee and brian)) are going to have something of a night picnic at old fort. pizza will be provided, but please bring $2-$3 to pay aimee back. comment here or at aimee's site if you want to come. or call brian. i'll be at work and aimee is doing her lab thing.


July 27 2006

As much as the kindergarteners annoy me, I've been realizing that I protect them the same way a mother bear protects their cubs when they are scared. If I see tears that are coming from a truly frightened or hurt child ((and no, this is not always the case, most of the time isn't not)), this savage mother bear from within wants to rip to pieces what has caused the tears and gently comfort the cub in my care.

You know, I guess that's how God feels about us too.

This really is one of the best jobs to work at if you really want more insight as to how God feels about His children. Lauren wrote an entry about it too; I've seen it in a lot of instances between myself and the kids.

. . .and I miss you

Been far away for far too long


okay God. . .

July 23 2006
WHAT in the WORLD was THAT about?!?


July 22 2006

My Spanish class made, so I'll start teaching next week. I'm pretty excited, but I really don't know where to start. The students range from kindergarden through sixth grade; thankfully, I won't have anymore than fifteen. Another "class" I'll have is Molding Mania--aka, I get paid to sit and make things out of play dough. There are supposed to be two more classes for me to teach, but I haven't been told what they are yet.

I'm pretty much moved into my new room. More information on a movie night/get together will be out in the next week or so, depending on when I get everything organized.

One down, one to go.

You might be church of Christ if. . .

July 18 2006

1.You have a relative, friend, or mentor at Harding.
2.You know what Fort God and Six Flags over Jesus is.
3.Your bible comes equipped with your birthday, name in gold, and date of baptism.
4.What do you mean instruments in worship?
5.You have a religious experience every time you drive through Corinth, Mississippi.
6.Your bible is in your purse (book bag).
7.Your write both your birthdays in someone’s planner.
8.You have a poster of Jeff Walling.
9.You have a crush on Jeff Walling’s son, Taylor.
10.Three words… Sex Ed Classes.
11.Keith Lancaster doesn’t scare you anymore.
12.You stand next to a hot guy incase you have to huga huga friend huga friend next to ya.
13.M.A. kids automatically get into heaven.
14.You believe your cookie is going to hell because it was sprinkled not submerged.
15.Your ‘‘what I did last summer essay” involves Mexican children or building houses.
16.All your cloths are from old navy or GAP.
17.You wear Birkenstocks year round.
18.Bikini is not in your vocabulary.
19.15+ hour bus trips are a way of life.
20.You have a home-schooled friend that doesn’t bug you.
21.You married someone you grew up with.
22.Retreat romances are not uncommon.
23.You actually like C.S. Lewis.
24.Grits isn’t a breakfast food.
25.You know what the Bison is.
26.You sing “Roll the gospel chariot along’’ and put teachers names in the devil verse
27.Yes, vegetables can talk…. And sing!
28.When Jehovah’s witness’ come to your home and ask you if you have “found Jesus”, you come to the door naked and say “No I haven’t, why don’t you come on in and help me look for him?”
29.Instead of playing homemaker, you played communion
30.You marry before you get out of Harding
31.Dissfellowship is your worst fear
32.Your Sunday lunch motto is ‘’Beat the Baptist’’
33. Your daily ponder is “I wonder what the theme for Impact is for this year…”
34.Your brothers are named after apostles
35.The closest you get to dancing is when you sing “you have turned my mourning into dancing!’’
36.The girls always win “Satan was defeated!”
37.Music leads to dancing and dancing leads to making babies!!
38.You still haven’t been kissed and you are going on 25.
39.What happens at Impact stays at Impact
40.Instead of saying ‘Crap!’ you say ‘Snap!’
41.For Christmas you get the New Testament on CD BABY!
42.Instead of Saying OH MY GOD! You say “Oh My Stars”
43.You listen to Josh Groban… and enjoy it.
44.You own at least one shirt with a bible verse on it.
45.You are, have been, or are going to be in a “social club”.
46.You own Harding or Lipscomb apparel.
47.You can complete this sentence… “THREE SWINGS AND A ______”
48.You have skipped chapel before.
49. You know who Neal Pryor is…
50.Your mom went to Harding.
51.Your dad went to Lipscomb.
52.And your brother went to Abilene Christian.
53.YOU ARE IN DEBT…. Because of Harding.
54.You have a relative that lives in Texas.
55.You have been to a “ring ceremony”.
56.You are engaged, and you’re only 22.
57.You get laughed at when you explain you’re future college… and all its rules.
58.You get laughed at more when you explain what a dry county is.
59.You are well educated in BET, but you haven’t seen MTV in years.
60.You have cracked open a wedding magazine… on more than one occasion.
61. You know or love a Rieder.
62.You can finish this sentence: Zeta Rho, date a ___.
63.Your weekend consists of an edited movie in the Benson and sneaking to Heber to two-step.
64.Over half of your friends are married or engaged...and you're a sophomore in college.
65.You threw at least 2 wedding showers for girls on your hall freshman year of college.
66.Your college is fondly known as "The Marriage Factory."
67.You know what happens when you go under the bell tower...alone...and you take alternate routes to avoid it...

So all of four of you understood at least 75% of that. I'm not hardcore CoC, but I couldn't pass this up, lol.