Isaiah Jensen


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Cedar Hall



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The Last Samurai, Batman Begins

January 12 2007
Originally Taken: November 30, -0001


January 12 2007
OH MY GOSH!! HOW ADORABLE!!! All of you..... marybeth has fat little cheeks and braids & bcky looks like she's missing teeth, you are making the cutest face, and chris looks like he's trying to grab you and keep you in line so your mom can hurry up and take the picture! haha

Rebekah Lewis

January 13 2007
Marybeth you were such a cute baby!!!

Rebekah Lewis

January 13 2007
I meant to put and you in there... this keyboard dsoesn't work very well...

Jamie Crabtree

January 13 2007
Ugh, the zinger that I want to put in here doesn't work unless you can hear me say it!