My Story

July 10 2006

It started out as a normal day. Hanging out with my friends, looking back on the fun times and looking forward to the future.

Then in a rush of madness, Tim turned.....Crazy and Uncontrollable.

I ran for my life, but I decided i had to show him who was boss and stand up for myself. So...

I killed him. It had to happen. I couldn't bear the verbal abuse any longer!! Those days of Tim & Emily, friends with pop tarts and silly putty are now gone.

Don't hate me, Tim! you kno it's funny.

**Oh, yeah, and Tim's not really dead. It's just part of the story. He comes back in "My story 2: It's Not Over". So look for the sequel!! And yes, i know, i have a overactive imagination.

<3 emily

i'm legal!!

July 09 2006
So i am officially 18. Yes. My birthday was so awesome, considering it was the same day as POTC! And Donald threw me a big Pirates suprise party, And i must say it was amazing. Bandanas, Eye Patches, Huge Poster, And Both Johnny and Orlando were on my cake!! So, of course, DDR was involved, a little Pirates 1 and 2, Waffle House at 1 in the morning, and Marshall singing on the ride home made my birthday amazing!! Thanks to everyone that came. Definitely memorable!! <3

its started...

June 19 2006

i realized that my new life has started today as i said goodbye to heather. (but she'll be back in 4 months). i'll miss her, but right now i just want to be sad for a while. Cayla turns 18 today (yay!!) . and my own birthday is a few weeks away. MTSU Customs is Fri/Sat, and i'm in a whirlwind of work, previous engagements, and little sleep. Life moves on past graduation, but yet my smile won't fade.

I shouldn't be sad for it being over, i should be glad it happened.

And i am. I'm just sad for a little while...


8th grade graduation, boredom, and a slice of Hitler

May 26 2006

So my little baby brother was promoted today. Yay.

 cheers to Nathan.

there were a couple of Oakland Kids in there, watching their siblings graduate too. And Mr. Duke gets up to end the ceremony, and totally irrelevant to anything he was saying, someone yells


needless to say, I tried not to laugh. I mean, honestly, I know it was tacky, but it was SOO funny. My mom was so mad because i couldn't stop laughing. And all the other parents were really upset too, but Griffin, Meredith, Kyle, and I (scattered throughout the gym) were all laughing. I took one look at Meredith and grinned from ear to ear. And Griffin said he started laughing, stopped and was like, "hmm, no one else finds that funny....."

 what a good laugh.


May 26 2006
forget it.

Sign My Yearbook

May 22 2006

No one ever signs my yearbook. Not in the past 4 years has anyone signed them because we get them so late and graduation practice this year was just too crazy!! So leave me a yearbook worthy message, signing off the past four wonderful years. <3 emily

***if you want my description of graduation, visit

Things I Have Done In High School

May 18 2006

Things I Have Done In High School

ü      Made new friends

ü      Kept my true friends

ü      Found a job and kept it

ü      Found my girly side, but kept the tomboy

ü      Stopped wearing shorts under every skirt

ü      Found a new talent and found a way to shine in it

ü      Straying outside the age group

ü      Stayed true to myself

ü      Maintained my grades

ü      Found a place where I belong

ü      Overcame a bitch for a teacher

ü      Loved being able to be a 1,000 different people in one

ü      Found a guy who accepts me for me

ü      Not accomplished one drama free year (YES!!)

ü      Fell in love with sarcasm

ü      Changed lunch tables every year

ü      A whopping 3 variety shows, and 3 plays

ü      Both choir and theatre

ü      Found a grandmother in one teacher and a friend in another

ü      Returned to Lascassas repeatedly

ü      Kept everything precious to me in a box(it's a big box)

ü      Lost ones I love, but I move on for them

ü      Two proms

ü      1 Military Ball

ü      Prepare myself for my best friend leaving

ü      Watch my best friend fall in love, then completely understand

ü      TAG camp every year!! YES!!

ü      Changing school rivals

ü      Making plenty of mistakes

ü      Had my heart broken

ü      Broke a few hearts

ü      First Kiss

ü      Finding out ROTC kids make a weird first impression

ü      Still not understanding why ROTC and BAND guys were always a turn on….

ü      Missing my Siegel friends

ü      Preparing for college **freaks**

ü      Collecting Freshman: Jen & Kelley (My original two), Ella, Nikki (my real freshie this year), I stole Marshall, and Will, you are practically mine, I just never told you

ü      CaMpInG out ~~>FRODO THE FISH

ü      Getting a cell phone

ü      Random midnight trips to walmart

ü      Found out Music was very important to me

ü      Headbutting Heather J

ü      Falling asleep on the phone way too many times

ü      Meeting the best foreigners EVER **Paula and Nemanja** and the cool Canadians from Nashville Star

ü      Well, duh, Nashville Star

ü      Aaron Roan is ___________<~ pick a word, Aaron

ü      Building my tolerance for scary movies

ü      Getting scared at Trent's house because the mad man with the chainsaw is going to kill us because Donald's car wont MOVE

ü      Watching my friends get married and have a baby

ü      THE best New Year's Eve Parties EVER

ü      What the heck is this thing called DDR?? lol

ü      I learned about Guitar Hero last week

ü      NO BRACES!!! YES!!

ü      Learning the insides of the hospital

ü      GOT a car

ü      Got way too addicted to my phone and text messages

ü      Watched gothic change to punk then to emo

ü      Bill Paxton, enough said

ü      Found a way to stand up to people

ü      Went on an actually school related trip OUT OF THE STATE

ü      ORLANDO kicks butt!

ü      Staying up with kiesha

ü      The Bear in the Water Park

ü      A very long talk with Gary Pounders

ü      Oh, yes, Elizabeth Hooper is a DOLL!! <3

ü      Snuck into the movies

ü      Thanks to Elaine for developing a LOTR fetish & POTC

ü      FLIP FLOPS are my life!

ü      I was the pregnant lady at Disaster Drill.

ü      Turned 16 on the beach

ü      <3 Orlando Bloom

ü      Found out rollerblades and I don't mix

ü      Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die (yeah, you all have stopped reading…J)

ü      My first concert: SCC

ü      Changing Elaine's name to CJ

ü      And RELIENT K!!! YES!!

ü      Bought Pop Tarts as a birthday present

ü      Found out the CAQ may be better off with 3 members

ü      My obsession with Wizard of Oz only got worse

ü      Began collecting shot glasses and picture frames

ü      Went to Arkansas by myself, not knowing anyone, and wishing it was never over

ü      MTSU's St. Jude's Lock In

ü      TIM & SHANNON< YES!!!

ü      All the Christmas parades!!


ü      Found out I do miss my cousins and my brother does miss me

ü      Watched my friendships change

ü      Found out my love for poetry and writing songs

ü      Introduced to Swing Club and Brito

ü      How many people am I married to?

ü      How many school fights are there gonna be?

ü      CALCULUS=Evil

ü      Rescued kittens off the side of the road

ü      The local hangout: DQ and Walmart, with a side of Guitar

ü      McDonalds with Heather and Terrell, and Spongebob

ü      Being mooned Far too many times by far too many people

ü      HOSA conventions and kicking butt

ü      Finally understood rugby

ü      Speaking in Latin where no one understands


ü      Watching Tim jump in the pool with his wallet & phone

ü      Carved my name in a tree

ü      I always have the bitchy parts in plays….

ü      Always the Right Answer….4

ü      I ran up the wall, well, I tried at least

ü      Had the coolest locker ever

ü      Tried to know just about everybody

ü      Managed to make a 0 on my term paper

ü      Uncle Dave Macon is calling me again

ü      Too many references to FGA/woods

ü      SUNDROP

ü      I was David Bowie for a day

ü      I made up a dance all by myself!! GO 6th period!

ü      Floor hockey on a very bad day **evil laugh**

ü      Found out I'm not that bad at football

ü      Student Council (all 4 years!!)

ü      Oakland's rendition of Wizard of Oz

ü      Lizzie Borden cast was the BEST EVER

ü      Finding out Early Day is Satan

ü      Latin Convention

ü      Big Booty

ü      Random trips to find birds (no "pshing")

ü      The oh-so many fights with Kyle

ü      What is this phenomenon called "wicked"?

ü      Never been to the office til this year

ü      Got detention freshman year

ü      Learned how to dance!!

ü      Yes, I was a Spice Girl.

ü      Got far too addicted the internet

ü      And finally, I have saved everything from this year and it is taped to my closet door.

I think that is enough accomplished, huh?

This is us. Watch us change.

**edit** for an interesting story, read "Counting Sheep" on my xanga.

countdown to extinction

May 17 2006

from now, it is 2 days, 21 hours, 19 minutes.

my sad face.


(this pic was taken 2 years ago, but i'm using it to make my point known...)

**edit** is the time messed up on anyone else's entries??


May 06 2006

When was the first time you remember me? Doesn't matter if you just saw me or we actually spoke. The first time you remember me.


if you went yesterday, read my xanga.

Please, God....

May 01 2006

Prom, afterprom, graduation, oh my!

two weeks.

two weeks of school, two weeks of laughter, tests, and saying goodbye, leading up to May 20.

Please, God, kick this car into reverse. Please...i'm begging you......

*need i say more*

April 29 2006

so i'm sure if you are a senior or close, today's topic is prom. well, duh, i'm excited, its the senior prom. but this is a different subject.

This is my advice, my plea.  

~~~>be careful!! we loose a senior every year, due to a mistake they made or someone else made.

I'm being dead serious. If you read this, obviously we know one another and that makes us friends. (hence, i care about you!)

I beg you all. Don't become a statistic.

Be careful, have fun, and enjoy a memory that you'll keep a lifetime!


*a smile*

April 23 2006

hey, so i wrote this today, see what you think.

A Smile

The wedding march started and she entered the room. Her hair was swept back in playful curls and her unique hazel eyes made her the most stunning that he had ever seen. This was the gorgeous girl he fell in love with when they were only kids. He had said he'd marry her and she only giggled. She had never taken her best friend seriously when he said he'd love her forever. Now the wedding day was here.

He met her glance halfway down the aisle and locked eyes with her. They smiled at the same time as she made her way to the altar. That smile was what swept him off his feet every single time he saw her. Now she was standing before God, the crowd, and the man she'd be with for the rest of her life, professing her love. Before he even knew it happened, the "I do's" were said and the couple was introduced as man and wife. There was that smile again, as the wedding party walked down the aisle.

At the reception, he watched her from across the room, laughing with her friends and greeting other guests. She browsed the room, looking for someone to catch her eye. Of course, he looked at that exact moment she did. He could always read her thoughts. That's what made them a perfect pair. He tried to mix and mingle among the wedding guests, but he couldn't take his eyes off of her. A slow song came on, their slow favorite song from childhood, and he couldn't stand it anymore. He had to dance with her. He parted the crowds to take the woman he loved by the hand.

"Excuse me, ladies, but do you mind if the best man borrows the bride for one dance?"


My Unexplained Title

April 18 2006

i've decided that i'm going to write a story.

my story.

the one of senior year. with the drama, cap and gown orders, fights, relationships, secrets, stupidity, lies, smiles, disappointments, triumphs, laughs, crying fits, random trips to whoknowswhere, bonding with people i barely know, pictures galore, and that little moment at the end of the day where i lay my head on my pillow and thank God he didnt pass me up on learning experiences.

my title?

"Welcome to the Fall"


I came back to school yesterday about 2:30 and sat in the theatre. watching everyone run around painting this, fixing that, explaining how this and that works. alone in the theatre audience. and it took everything not to cry.

 my role has changed from the actress to the audience.

i want a titanic romance....

April 14 2006

you jump, i jump, right?

i want the romance, i want the connection, i want the secret story.

i want to risk it all to save the man i love. to brave drowning, tempt death at the very least for him to hold me one last time.

and the vivid memories that live in your head for the rest of your existence, holding on for dear life the one that you'd give your life for.

taking his name, holding his memory, keeping him in your heart for eternity.

and hearing the music fade in as you know you are in complete and honest love.

i want a titanic romance....


April 13 2006
i did not want to start my morning off like this. crying makes your eyes all puffy.....

welcome back...

April 10 2006

Veni, vidi, velcro - - - - I came, I saw, I stuck around.

too emotional to say anymore **eMiLy**


April 05 2006

Oh-ho, Leaving in like 3 hours!! i'm excited!! i want a tan so bad!!!! see ya'll losers later!!

bAtHiNg SuIt TiMe!!! ^^^ *e-money$*

if you remember me....

March 27 2006

if you have only known me for a short time, you missed some of the best years of my life. and i realized about 20 minutes ago, i miss them too.

K-7th: My glasses, no makeup, & my ponytail were me. Oh, and my braces were a Lovely addition in 7th grade.You barely saw my face because it was always wedged in a book and if you did see me, i was talking constantly(what a change!). Drama consisted of someone tattling on another or who broke up with who in the "going out" phase.

And now. after the contacts, makeup, and straighteners...the catfights, the boyfriends, the **** i deal with,

i enjoyed today. The day of the PJs, the ponytail, and glasses. the day where i didnt need television entertainment, I read a book. and if you didnt know i dread May 20th like the plague,

you don't know me at all.

*e-$*<~thanks to someone who makes me laugh.

why cant i?

March 22 2006

a thought hit me today.

if someone from my community can make it big, why can't i? i love the medical field, you know, but we all have that little, hidden dream. Mine=anything musical, acting related, or just showbiz in general. i mean, i know i couldnt even get the lead in the school play, but something Griffin said one day stuck with me.

Michael Jordan was kicked off his high school basketball team.

that thought sticks with me.


March 21 2006

the term "drama queen" was a joke.

i don't like fights, i dont want them. I ABSOLUTELY hate DRAMA!! I just want to go back to the normality of freshmen year, with just us. Friends, back to back, always there for one another.

and then it hits like a ton of bricks.

People make choices, and do what they wanna do.

:) equals kids

March 15 2006

i could sit here and tell you my life is perfect. but its not. it has its ups and downs. Its heartaches and heartbreaks. its smiles and laughters.

but its mine.

i wouldnt trade my family, my friends, my life for anything. and even in the times i hate it the most, sometimes i just want to pull all of my hair out and scream and have this major hysteria fit, my life continues to surprise me.

that i can smile through the tears. laugh away my troubles. do the happy dance for someone who is worse off than me.

 maybe its not my life at all. maybe i just constantly surprise myself.

break out dance

March 03 2006

so. as of now, March 3, i am this....

<>><<>`/`/`/`/`/`/)()()()( YYAAYYAAVVVOOO IIIIII><><><><

that is my happy dance for today. interpreted through the keyboard.

i think today is going to be a good day. i have $4.85 to my name, and some aluminium foil in a bag. some good materials to have a very interesting day...... *emily*~*lu*~*emmy*~*emoochie*~*hoochie*~*e-money*

any more nicknames to add?? oh, sorry, sara, "the tennis player" :)


February 24 2006

life is going good. doing good, doing great....but let me give you a bit of info.

If........ are going to talk about me behind my back, don't do it to SOMEONE WHO IS GONNA TELL ME, MORON!! got a problem with me, have enough courage to tell me to my face what you have to say about me because i sure got some things to say to you. think you understand what i'm going through, if you THINK you know who the heck i am anymore, talk to me. try and see how the heck we are still  friends....because we arent. Tell ME. think that i am so narcissistic to talk about myself like i'm better than everyone never "knew" me in the first place.



February 21 2006
now reading everyone's sounds like everyone had a fantastic weekend. But i did too, w/o military ball. I know, hard to believe, even tho the pictures i've seen, EVERYBODY LOOKED A-MAZING!! Actually chillin at home this weekend was awesome, provided by God. Thanks for the snow and the 4 wheeler!! thanks for my family, who cooperates with all my mood swings. Thanks for my boyfriend, who i woke up very early (i'm sorry) to play in the snow with. and thank you, God, for my friends that trail me down the hall to pick up my emotions, when i trash them. Thank you for the friends i have to keep me going with a laugh, a smile, and a dance, rather than judging my every move. Thank you for my friends that make an effort to care. Thanks God.....for everything.

and the verdict says.....

February 19 2006