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"The hardest part of holding on is letting go."

February 01 2006

well life lately has been a series of ups and downs... i hav come to realize that the only one person who actually cares how u feel is GOD. i hav gone to church a lot lately and i cant truthfully say that god is the only reason i was going... but now he will be. we hav hit bible study really hard lately and i hav realized a lot of stuff about myself. the best way to say it is the title of this entry. The hardest part of holding on truly is letting go.. me and ben (6 ft 5) both agree about that. we r both going through similar things right now so we know how it is. i hav been praying hard on the feelings i hav for this one person. i hav asked god to take them away if they rnt meant to be. idk if he heard it or not  though cause it keeps seeming like they rnt from him, but they rnt gone yet. so HE must hav a reason for them being there i just wish he would let me know wat his reasoning is... but i truly thank god for the amazing group of friends that i have... they r awesome. idk wat i would do without them. man this was a long one.. i hav to go. hav an amazing rest of the week. GOD BLESS-forrest


February 01 2006
forrest. ur awesome. and yea, ive come to that realization too. i love all my guys and girls, but God is truly the one that will never let us donw. and it is our job to try and not let him down. and that is hard. but life is life. and there are always reasons for things going on. and we arent suppose to know every reason. Even if it is tearing us up inside. we sometimes cant understand what is going on. But as long as we understand God is in control, then we are pretty good. cya at school. u have a good day. cya brother.

meredith taylor

February 02 2006
Amen!!!! I luv u forrest!

Allen Harvey

February 02 2006
The feelings do have a reason for staying, and that is because they are there for you to learn from them. Life is about learning to adapt, in even the most horrid and unimagineable circumstances. The feelings never go away for someone, but the pain lessens, it just takes time, Gods greatest gift.


February 03 2006
your a good man forrest...we kill it in 5th period

kaitlin gay

February 04 2006
well.. <b>IIII</b> love you &hearts;


February 09 2006
don't you talk to kayla before 2nd period?


February 09 2006
dude, here's some wise words, to help u cheer up: time heals all scars, everything works out in the end, so if it hasn't worked out, it's not over. buddy, chuck norris thinks u should buy a chiken suit, and do the macarena. ttyl, --The Mexican

ami driver

February 16 2006
amen darlin.. i went through life the hard way and realized that God is my BEST friend and he will never ever let me down or disappoint me-- NEVER! i love Him soooo much and He's held my hand through all the hard times and he'll hold yours too.. love you forrast! and dont worry-- this is all for God's amazingggg glory. He would never hurt you. <3


February 18 2006
I'm writing a phone book, can I have your number? Love, Mere and Abi

kaitlin gay

February 24 2006
its time to update.. i hope that you are feeling better--it was not a good thing to see my little forrest sad today! cant wait for this weekend!! YES SIR!!! -kaitlin