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August 17, 2008

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Jesus, God, Jesus, God, Church, Friends, hanging out, and writing.


Christian, I love Third Day and multiple other bands


Tommy Boy is the best movie of all time. I also love the Matrix.


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My Chain E-Mail/Bulletin

I think you'll find it worthwhile to read this...

These bulletins are so stupid with their "if you don't repost you'll be cursed, have a stroke of bad luck," or one of my personal favorites "have the worst life ever." What? No, you're wrong. I'm sorry mr or mrs. i want the world to hear my bulletin, but your words do not intrinsically possess some type of magical power that instantly endows your bulletin with the capability of damning the rest of someone's existence because they don't care to tell the world about "ten things to say to mr. right."

Sorry, but just... no, I mean..

Where do you people even get this?

So i think a bulletin should go something like this:

"If you don't repost this little green men will come out of your closet and beat you with lucky charms made of steel, then tie you up and toss you through your window, subsequently rolling you on the sheets of broken glass.  Lacerated and bleeding, they will then cast you off the plank of a magical pirate ship descending from the ninth martian galaxy which will then wisk you off to the pacific coast where your bloodied body will be tossed to the ravenous great whites.  After being effectively devoured, your processed excreted body will then accumulate into a giant mass at the bottom of the ocean which will directly cause a cataclysmic shift in the ocean currents, worldwide flooding, and thus a subsequent destruction of all human life.

Therefore, if you don't want to be the direct cause of the termination of every man, woman and child on the planet, then repost this, OR ELSE!!!


Or, if you're a sensible human being, who knows everything I just said is crap, and does not in any way have some type of magical capability of causing these things to happen simply because I made them up, because the truth is that these statements were simply pulled right out of my butt, then repost this to let the world know that chain letters with certain and inescabable doom as a direct cause of not reposting them is one of the most retarded, thoughtless activities going on in the technological age, and do so only with the simple satisfaction of knowing "ahh, maybe I have in some way helped to hault the comprehensive decline of the average human I.Q. in contemporary society, becuase I have helped to expose this hopelessly brain-sucking activity."

The non-coerced, sensible, coherent minded individuals', End. :)

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So soon I'll be in the boro for basically the entire summer.
It's crazy, this will be the longest one stretch of time i've been in the boro since... well, my first year there before I went to lee.  So, in about two years.

Well murfreesborians, get ready to have your full dose of Adam! haha

O, and um, THE BAND NEVERTHELESS IS AMAZING I know I already said that, but i'm becoming more obsessed....
P.S., random insert.
Mrs. Jeana is da bomb!!
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New band


They're like a combination of relient k, dashboard confessional, and the vocals sound a little like anberlin, sometimes.
I like them A LOT.  Just got their cd today, it was their debut that came out sometime last year.

If you're a big relient K fan, I advise them, very much so.
Some REALLY good songs.  Good stuff :-)

and I guess in other band news, I am very much obsessed with Red
Thank you Chris Jensen, I am forever in debt to you. ;)
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A short ballad? I guess...

Well, for those of you who take the time to read this, I hope it was worth it :), haha...


Enter into the thick, blood thirsty air of 29 AD, where an odd echoseems to be permeating the atmosphere...

"Never... underestimate our Jesus..."

And the carnage begins:
He's just a carpenter's son!
No better than the rest of us,
As the law bound hypocrites,
Tried him of his blasphemous, repugnant crimes.
Haha! The King of the Jews, are you?
Scowled the hate-filled soldiers,
Before they crowned him in their disgust,
And beat him like a scoundrel.
They they carried him to the cross, pinned in agony and humiliation,
For crimes he had not the capacity to commit,
Yet was forced to stay broken there, and bleeding,

And yet, in the midst of all the pain, all the noise,and all the
A whisper,
Carried on the wind of a thousand of the redeemed,

"Never underestimate our Jesus,They're telling you there is no hope, we're telling you,

They're wrong."

The aural echo dissipates as the crowds hurl their malicious insults,
Drowning whatever hope you may have thought you heard.
As prior hope turns to despair, you look up to see him crying out inagony,
Asking his father, why he had been forsaken.
And right then, regardless of what that "echo" was stating, you
All hope is lost.

But all of the sudden the ground shakes, and a chaos of a different
hue ensues,
"The temple veil has been torn in two!" You hear one shout,
"Some who were dead are now alive!" Shouts another...
And then the clutter becomes too much,
You can't take in the surprise, uncertainty, and fear among the
All seems like an overbearing blur.
Your ears feel as if they'll bleed from this emotional, unstable
cacophony bearing down on you...
And then you hear it..
A declaration so absurd, so inconceivable, but even as it blisters
your weary ears,
You can't deny it,
"Surely this man was the Son of God!"

And then,
It all makes sense.
And even as you see a limp body taken down from His execution, the
later news you find of his resurrection bore no resemblance to the
deep, resonating assurance you found at this time, and at this
He is, the Son of God
Jesus Christ, the Savior, of the entire world,
And He's giving His life
For you.
And then...following the peace, following your belief... in the wake
of your consumption with your revelation,
All goes quiet.

And a silence so penetrating ensues, that the few moments it lasts
seem all too ominous to withstain.
But then,
Something happens...,

And a faint, faint whisper, rises from the stillness,
And all the angels gathered with the saints and said,

Underestimate our Jesus.
They told you there was no hope,
And we're telling you:

They were wrong."

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Everyone, you must support paul and I's awesome funniness debut and go to youtube and see our stroke of comedic brilliance (yes, it's THAT good) that we put up last night.

Type in adam paul hughes hall, and it'll be the only video you see.
Comment, support, and spread the word.
Paul and Adam humor shall take the world by jovial force!
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