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December 28, 2014

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Fun Night...

I always love driving out to the country...


You know, as long as the car in front of you does not hit a bird.


Happy Brithday, Ben... even though you killed a bird. 

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Ok. So I absolutely love these new ads from Apple... and not just because I am an Apple fan (I am kind of getting sick of the iPod commercials).


I still have note decidd if I am going to fork out $500 for the iPhone when it comes out, but I must say, these commercials make it look pretty slick. 

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London 2012 Logo

photo from nathan 

20 Euros (it is London, afterall) to anyone that can give me five solid reasons why this design for the 2012 Olympics logo is a good idea...


This is about the worst logo design I have ever seen... and the design firm got $800,000.00 for it... almost 1 million - for that... that. A 5-year-old with construction paper would come up with a similar design.


London reports that they wanted something that did not look corporate and spoke to a younger generation... hmmmm... kind of like kids from the 1990's?


I hear they also got MC Hammer as the Olympic spokesperson. 



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Hot Juicy Burgers!

So... my wife reminded me of one of my other favorite creative commercials on TV right now... I laugh every time it comes on... and then rewind my TiVo and watch it again. Hot Juicy Burgers... for the first time in my life, I actually want to go to Wendy's.
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I love creative ads

Seriously... Creative ads are great. And especially in a YouTube world, spending the extra creative effort will have a vast effect on the reach of your "second-life" internet video market.


It pays. 

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