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September 09, 2011

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The Cable Guy, The Princess Bride, The Fifth Element, The Breakfast Club, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and Star Wars Episodes 1-6


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All Who Advanced To Nationals:
[♥=ones that took 1st in State]
[*= ones i am in]
- Meghan's Short Sermon
- ♥ Jaime's Drama solo
- Isaiah's Drama solo
- Marybeth's Drama solo
- Alex's Drama solo
- *Skitzo's Small Human Video Group
- ♥ Michelle's Trumpet Solo
- *Can't give up now Duet
- Brianna & Kate's Duet
- ♥*Elevate Large Drama Group
- J Squared Small Drama Group
- ♥*FWC Youth Choir
- Ben's Guitar Solo
- *Total Praise Large Vocal Ensemble

that would be 14 of the 30 total that competed from our church..
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Ice Skating was WIKID SWEET!
but i hate to say that i messed up my
my knee a little pulling a stunt on the ice..
lol..but you know me
well other than that..
tomorrow night at church is the
Fine Arts Presentations Service/ Desert
the majority of the things i am participating
in are performing.. so its going to be interesting..
well ttyl!
Mucho Amor Kris

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Report card was not bad..
it hasn't been bad at all this year..
i've kept A's and B's all this year..
i have a 3.778 GPA still..

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everyone please pray for my mom!!!
she is not feelin too great...
the dr's don't know what is wrong..
the medicine only helps barely..
she can't go to the other dr until April 6th...
Pray and please pray hard!!!

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Hey everybody...

Haven't been on this in about a month... seems like longer than that but hey what ever!?!?

well who i "liked" i have decided i "like" them better as a friend and enjoy their company as a brother! i think i made the right decision. I also found out the other night about 2 weeks after i had made decision, finally, that he only likes me as a sister/friend it all works out to Gods plan~ !lol..

well... i am pretty sure that i officially know what classes i will be taking next year...!!!! its going to be an interesting year!

well i might get back on later... or a month from

Love Ya ALways!!!


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