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 I'm not allowed to see that new movie that looks really cool called The Golden Compass because it is based on athiest themes. The movie is based on a trilogy of books in which the main charators kill God. My church sent out a bulliton with this information in it and at first I didn't know weather or not to belive it. But it's true. I Googled it and the author (Pullman) has admitted to being a proud athiest and is quoted saying "My books are about killing God." There are little to no hints to this in the movie, but some people will go buy the books after seeing it, and the anti-Christian theme is much stronger there. In each part of the trilogy the hints get stronger until the villan is called "the Almighty" and "Creator" in the last book.


I just wanted all yall to know this before you went out to see this movie and support this industry.

December 07, 2007
♥ eyes...♥ said

i am not allowed to see it either
December 07, 2007
Grace said

same here... at first i wanted to see kinda looked cool THEN my mom told me all that and i was like NO WAY am i going to see that!!!
December 07, 2007

i seen something about that on the news
December 07, 2007

p.s. that's really crazy! i don't think my mom knows about this, but if she did she probably won't let me go see it either.
December 07, 2007
Mathis said

I think that it is just a movie, if someone wishes to see it then let them. If they are Christian and are not strong enough in their beliefs and turn atheist then it will show that they need to get stronger. (well once you get them to be christian again) It is all a matter of knowing where you stand. I would not look down on someone who saw it nor would I if they didn't because of what the author stands for. Also everyone must remember the books are in the fictional section.
December 08, 2007
Jacob Wuertz said

ya i know mma dad looked it up its kinda scary
December 08, 2007
Grace said

Austin, if someone goes and sees that movie, they are giving the money to that cause and do you really want to put money to that cause. I dont want to!!!
December 09, 2007
Mathis said

Do you shop at Wall Mart. Or for that matter anywhere that is in corporate America? Then you are putting money towards something that is not Christian. It may not be on the front side like this movie is but at least the guy who wrote these movies is going to tell the truth about who he is, which is more than I can say for most Christians. Grace if you don't want your money to go to a cause like that then I suggest you stop buying things.

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