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Throw anything at me, I'll give it a try. Exept rap. And heavy metal.


Princess Bride, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, War of the Worlds, King Kong, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, World Trade Center, Children of Men, Finding Nemo, The Pursuit of Happyness (no, that is not a typo), The Harry Potter movies, Eragon, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Devil Wears Prada, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Jamunji, Zathura, Aladdin, Robin Hood, Anastasia, Monsters Inc., Spiderman 3, Star Wars, Mulan, Music and Lyrics, Treasure Planet, Cloverfeild, Meet the Robinsons, Meet Joe Black, Stardust, I Am Legend, Cloverfeild, Signs, Shrek


Bible, Twilight, New Moon, Eragon, Eldest, Peeps, Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras, The Harry Potter series, The Divide and Back to The Divide, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Inkheart, Inkspell, Extras, Eclipse, Lord of the Rings, The Midnighters, How to Steal a Dog

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Comfort food

On serveys and crap like that, i never had an answer to "What is your comfort food?" I do now. I'm unhappy about the outcome of some recent events, and i can't stop eating cherrys. It's really weird, but i've like killed 30 cherrys in the last 10 mins. It's insane. I've never wanted to eat something so bad. Ya, well, that's all i had to say. gotta go eat cherrys.

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Being a copycat

Mark the things that you have:
[x] A mom
[x] A dad
[ ] Stepmom
[] Stepdad
[x] A younger brother
[x] A younger sister
[ ] An older brother
[ ] An older sister
[x] Grandfather
[x] Grandmother
[X] Cousins
[ ] Half-brother
[] Half-sister
[] Stepbrother
[] Stepsister
[ ] Brother-in-law
[ ] Sister-in-law
[ ] Niece
[] Nephew

1. Are you a child of the 70s, 80s, or 90s?
2. Where were you born?

3. What city did you grow up in?
    Dickson, baby!!

4. did you have a good childhood?

    not as bad as some people's, but it wasn't pleasent.


5. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

a teacher, a paleontoligist, and an illustrator.


6. What do you want to be now

    not sure.....a Historian maybe.............


7. Name the first memorable vacation you took as a kid?
    DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!


8. What was your first best friend’s name?
    well, during Elem. skool i thought i had best friends, but, not really, so, Carmen.


9. Are they still your friend?
     thank goodness, yes.

10. Can you name all the schools you ever attended?
stuwert burns elementary, dickson elementary, and dms


11. Were you closer to your mom or dad as a kid?
     probably mom


12. What was the first record, tape or CD you remember buying?
     i don't remember


13. How old were you when u first heard of chuck norris?
     i'm gonna get killed for this,13.


14. Are you scared of anything?
     yes, im scared of change.
15. How old were you when you wanted to get your ears pierced for the 2nd time?
     i don't wanna get them pierced again.


16. Did you buy school lunch or bring your own?

     bring in elementary skool, buy in middle.

17. Broken any bones or had any freaky accidents as a kid?
     I almost bit my tounge off as a baby.


18. Were you a mean kid?
     no, i was a lonely kid.


19. Favorite board game of all of time?
     OMG, The Game of LIFE!!!!!

20. Did you play house or pretend to be a super hero?
     I played house.


21. What was your favorite class in elementary school?
     I hated every part of elementary school.


22. Seriously, are you still just a kid at heart?
     heck, yes!!!!!


23. Did you ever come close to dying?
     not physically.

24. When you were little did you ever do drugs?

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I Miss my Friends---a walk down memory lane

This is the last entery in my school journal:



Today is the last day of Literary Club and instead of the cake and fun that we were promised, we get to write. Joy. The ONE day I don't have a book on I'm gonna miss Middle School so much. I don't deal well with change...I really don't think I can do High School. I'm so afraid that I'm gonna forget all the cool memories. I'm gonna write some down now and NEVER lose my journal.


1. Teach Me. There was a bookmark in Mrs. Redden's class about a student/teacher affair called Teach Me. So Me, Megan, Carmen,and everybody made a joke about it and went around saying "Teach Me" to each other and then replying "Teach you WHAT?" It finally got on Megan's nerves, but i didn't stop, so she printed out hundreds of tiny papers that all read "Teach Me" and put them in my bag. Sence then, they have been found on all 3 halls and by 7th graders. A huge pile found it's way into Teddy's binder, and he wasn't even in on the joke. Gen found on in her locker, as have i and Megan. There was one in my new purse. We also found one in Nashville. Really. No Joke. (SIDE NOTE: sence this entry was written, i have found Teach Me papers in numoruos places around my house, in my mom's car, and my church)They are possesed by evil, they follow you around and choose there victoms.


2. Fat Camp. So one day Teddy came up with this random Fat Camp thing. He said he was 800 pounds overweight and he needed help. Before he new it, 25 or so people were going to "Fat Camp" including  me, Jessica, and Carmen. We camp up with a slogan: "You are sadly overweight and need help, go to Fat Camp!" We  "went" to Fat Camp that weekend and on Monday discused our adventures, like getting fat-free jelly donuts on the bus and losing 350 pounds. We all made and wore signs saying "I survived Fat Camp!"


3.Moon Butt. At Jessica's party, a girl named Tylar had a pic. of some guy's butt on her phone (from a movie) and Megan said "Is that a butt!?!?" and Tylar said "No, It's a moon." Everybody laughed, but poor Meg didn't get it. She said "What? Moon Butt, Butt Moon...." We all laughed and somebody explained to her. We still don't leave her alone about it.


4.Yomamma. At lunch we talked about naming your child Yomamma. We came up with these sentences for the situation: "Guess who went potty today? Yomamma!" "Yomamma is the ugliest girl in school!" "Guess who I'mm taking to prom? Yomamma!" "You know who I saw making out with Tyron at the movies last night? Yomamma!" There are millions more.


5. Make the Honey. At my party we went to see Spiderman and they had a comersial for a movie about bees. The commersial said "Get the pollen. Make the honey. Get the nector. Make the honey." For some reason we found this hilarious and all throught the movie we said "Make the honey" at random moments. After that we pretty much said it all the time and even came up with an award-winning rap called "Make the Honey"


So that's my 8th grade year, prety much. If I wrote everything I'd kill all the trees everywhere. Bye Middle Skool! Now I'll never forget you.






Back to present day. i read that entry today and cried my eyes out. Can we do that again? Could anything ever compare with that year? Have we used up our fair share of funny? Will we live our lives saying "Remember in 8th grade when......."? And who is "we" now? All these are questions that I'm terrified of and that will soon, too soon really, be answered.





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Movie @ Midnight!!!

last night.....or this morning........i went to the premire of the new Harry Potter movie!!!!! I really can't belive i stayed up for all of it!!! We left the Roxy at 2:30!!! Man, it was late................early. Anyway, it was so worth it!!! the movie was AWSOME.
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When bordom meets bookworm

When i type it feels like there is nobody one the other end. i haven't got a reply or a message in like forever!!!!! Did everybody die? Sigh.....I NEED TO CONTACT A FRIEND!!!!!!!!! Where did you all go???? i hate this summer.


Anyway, I'm going to Virginia w/my church in a couple of weeks and im really exited!! I hope some of my friends will come so i know that they didn't fall of the end of the earth.(which, by the way, really is flat. those pics from the moon are fake, they just wanna try to make the peeps from the past look stupid.)


Ya, i read this book called Speak and it was really good. I said it would practically be my life in High School, but i really hope it's not. The girl in the story is the most miserable person i've ever read about, and i've read about alot of people in some really stressful situations. I already know i won't be like her, because i have so many close friends and my entire graduating class dosn't hate me. But everything turns out O.K. at the end. The girl gets a huge, sucking burdon off her chest and regains some street cred. yall should read it.


I also read Becoming Naomi  Leon. It was also pretty good. It's about a girl who's mom dumped her and her deformed brother at there great-grandmother's house and leaves them, only to retern 7 years later and try to take the girl, Naomi, away to Las Vagas to live with her and her boyfriend. The mom's an alcoholic and really, really awful so the family runs away to Mexico to try and find the children's father.


Well, that's my book nerd moment for today. I need some help.



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