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January 08, 2010

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nothing much...


Relient K, Aaron Shust, Chris Tomlin, Kutless, TobyMac


Patch adams. hands down the greatest movie of all time


The Instruction Manual(BIBLE)

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Mime camp/ band camp/ general week


Mime Camp was awesome. My profile pic shows me, carmen, todd, and kenny playing worship around the campfire. I got really close to a few people that I haven't been close to in awhile and it feels good.



Band Camp was OK. I had to learn all i had missed in a day so i did alright. Got a freaking huge blister that severely limits my playing, but over all it was a good time and a time well spent.



My  week was full. I saw Batman on friday at the drive in. I should have been at a lock in but I missed it(sorry). And in general what a good week it has been in the life of Jacob. 

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So I'm supposed to be at church. My parents stayed up late last night watching a movie. My Dad went to choir this morning. Oh snap.


So my mom's still asleep. I'm on the computer; Guess who's not going to church! 

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I thought this was awesome and I wanted to share it with you all. I want to challenge you to stand.


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The girl.

I'm not going to get her,

she loves some one else.

I never figured for anything serious,

but nothing serious is better than nothing.


She drops hints, compliments,

never stop and know this gent.

I'm leaving this here and leaving her behind. 

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So I realized today that although the way I am trying to do things may be more efficient, but less understandable. The other idea would arrive at the same conclusion, but less efficiently. Lack of communication caused misunderstanding, while all this time I could've sat back and let the idea happen, ending this whole ordeal easily.


Fighting for my way won't get anything done, especially if the other person is right. 

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