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March 14, 2008

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Ok so last night at our freshman girls Bible study for RUF we talked about different churches around town.  There are about 12 Presbyterian churches around here and my friend, Anna P., is still looking for one.  She mentioned that at one church, which I visited also, they said something about your destination when you die already being set out for you.  Anna H. and I decided to discuss this issue further on the drive back to the dorm.  She said she has always been taught to believe that from the second you are born, God knows where you're going when you die.  While I believe that, I also believe that God put Christians on this Earth to save people who are 'destined' to go to Hell when they die.  Why else do we have missionaries and other people who devote their lives to saving people?  I was just curious to get some feedback from my friends on this subject because Anna and I have gone to the same church for 8 years and this has never come up before.  So, is your destiny already determined at birth or do you think you can change it? 
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I have come across some realizatoins this week:

Going home depresses me, this will be my first weekend here where my parents haven't come to visit and I haven't gone home, no matter how hard you try not to you end up pulling late nights to finish papers it WILL happen, a 4 day college week is very nice, i miss lots of my friends back home but i dont necessarily miss my house, i enjoy my freedom, unfortunately for me the newness of college wears off eventually and you feel blah for a couple days. 

That is all. 

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Things and people are changing...

sad times.  i feel kinda outta the loop.
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First week...CHECK!

I'm almost done with my first week of college.  It hasn't been too bad yet.  I ended up dropping my Western Humanities class because I took on too much at once and was already freaking out so I'll have to pick that up again next semester but it will be easier then, I think.  My roomies left me for the weekend.  I need to study lots because I have lots to catch up on before classes start up next week.  I'm coming home next weekend for the long weekend so anyone that wants to hang out let me know and I'll try to make time.  Anytime someone wants to come visit let me know.  You can also write me letters or message me on here or facebook.  I miss you all and I love you and I'll hopefully see lots of you next weekend! 
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Worried? Me? NEVER!

College life is GREAT!  The only bad thing is that my computer isn't working in my room yet so I'm in the library but hopefully that will be up and running soon!  Something weird happened.  I miss home but not as much as I thought I would.  Right now I'm keeping so busy with band that I really don't have time to think about it all.  I'm not sure if this is good or bad.  Don't get me wrong, I love you all and miss you but just not as much as I thought I would.  I can't wait to post pictures of my beautiful dorm room!  Thanks to my family and Leah for decorating it so nicely while I was in band rehearsal.  This may be my last post until my computer gets up and running but we'll see how long it takes.  Hopefully soon I can get on AIM and stuff again.  I miss chatting with people.  Oh yea, I'm definitely getting my exercise walking around campus.  That's all for now.  Next band rehearsal from 1-4 then I'm off for the night!  Yes!

*edit-  I got my computer to work!  I am very excited about this!  My roommates are great! 

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