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April 06, 2007

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music, photography, friends, piano, clothes, shopping, clubbing, techno, dancing, clubs, being stupid, New York, Japan


techno, electronica, trance, dance, rave, acoustic, pop/rock, classical, synthpop, Disney songs, crossover (ie: Bond, Vanessa Mae), 80s, new wave, Blondie, MADONNA


101 Damations, Jungle Book, Lion King, Robin Hood (disney), Amelie, Princess Bride, Party Monster, Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill


The Traveling Pants books, Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Blood and Chocolate, Amimorphs, Psychology 3, FRUITS, Uglies, Pretties, Specials

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tee hee

this is me and JohnJohn. he\'s my nephew. (2 years old) he\'s the one that started calling me Stevie! ^_^
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i can\'t be as hot as everyone says

... it\'s just not possible. i\'m not as cute and hot and go-jus as everyone tells me i am. i just don\'t see it. it\'s confusing.

i don\'t get it.
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hi guyses

today, i decided to walk to the square. sure, it was raining. but i didn\'t care. (shit i just rhymed...) anyway. i went to the music store and got \"White Houses\" by Vanessa Carlton for piano. it\'s surprisingly easy for one of her songs. and i saw HayHay and Meghan!! ^_^ i love those gals. they\'re so fun.

anyway... i\'m soaking wet and it was real cold in the music store. haha. i had fun though. listened to techno the whole time.

i don\'t think i\'monna go to church tonight. i just don\'t feel like it. mainly cause kasey\'s not here. -_- i miss her already.

but yeah. i rescheduled my party. it\'ll be on the 23rd. 6-10:30pm. at my house. and it IS a techno/dance party. so come prepared to dance. some food, but don\'t come hungry. glow stix are provided. feel free to bring whatever. um... my email address is if you want more info.

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my friends

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