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April 06, 2007

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j\'ai mal a la gorge

i am -so sick-

it may be mono. but i don\'t know. :shrug: i can\'t talk. i have a fever. my throat is all swollen. it sucks. and i went to work... but i think that being up and around and talking just made it worse. but - i do like my job. :thumbs up:

:drinks sprite:

yeah. my sister is awesome. she babys me. ^_^ gives me ibuprophen and blueberry muffins and pats my back when i throw up. haha. and her husband\'s nice too. he watched TV in my nephew\'s room cause i was sleeping on the couch. ts, aww.

but um... that\'s it.
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one more event to add to my weekend...

last night Kas and i were on our way home from Coco (we go there too much) and i was going really fast. and i got pulled over. and got a ticket. yup. and then when we got off the interstate, a tire blew. yup.


then Chris called me late at night. and confessed that he likes me. and i was like \"i honestly didn\'t think you felt anything for me\" and he was like \"try: i\'m playing hard-to-get\" and was like \"why do you think i\'ve been calling you so much\" heh... i guess that\'s cool. i\'m kinda of flattered.

we saw Josh Clemmens at Coco. Alan really likes him... whateva. i\'m just gonna go with the flow right now.

\"it isn\'t enough to talk about peace, one must believe in it. it isn\'t enough to believe in it, one must work at it.\" -Elenor Roosevelt
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blah blah blah

MY BURN IS ALMOST HEALED!!! i don\'t have to wear a bandage any more!! *^_^*

last night Kasey and i went to... guess where. CAFE COCO! haha. i was kinda bummed at first, cause Alan was on this kind of date with this guy. but turns out Alan doesn\'t like him... so that\'s good. i guess. and i met this guy, Robert, who Abby, Carly, and i were totally checking out in Buckle the other day. he was like \"i saw you in Buckle\" and i was like \"OMG. we were totally checking you out\" anyway... we hung out there. saw Libby and Matt. <3 Jilldo and Dani. Dani wasn\'t a bitch this time. i think it was cause she was clean/sober. she\'s actually an AWESOME person. ^_^ pimp. then we stopped by Chris\'s cause he was having a party. kissed him quite a bit. i\'m not sure if i like him, or just kissing him. i don\'t think i like him like i like Alan. so...

i blabed a lot last night.... i would just go on and on. it was weird. i think it\'s mainly cause no one was saying anything. :shrug:

my mom thought i was on something when i got home, cause my eyes were bloodshot. but then i pointed out that i had gone to bed at 12 and gotten up at 7:45 and had no sleep since then. she always worries that i\'m doing shit. :shrug: i guess she has that right.

anyway... i\'m out. have good days!
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so... tired...

my party last night was pretty fun. Blender, Addie, Kas, Kiesha, Abby, Carly, Josh, Kelsey, and me. Blen, Ads, Kas, and i were dancing like -whoah- and i think we kinda freaked everone else out. Kiesha joined in, though. we had fun none-the-less.

STEPHEN SANDWICH. and... :holds up hands: it says \"blood\" and if you can\'t read it, yo eyes is messed up!

anyway... i\'m so freking tired. i almost died in church today. ugh.

tonight, Kasey and i were gonna go to Hurricane\'s for teen night. but... everyone we tell that to is like \"no don\'t go\" and it\'s $12 to get in. i\'m not about to pay $24 bucks for us to get into a shitty club. so we\'re just gonna go to Coco come more. haha.

love love
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holy. crap.

whoah dang guys...

we went to Coco again, and met a few new people. we had fu-un. i LOVE Alan... he is the awesomest. and Chris left a Le Tigre cd in my car. YESSS. ^_^ i love Le Tigre. it\'s got some other stuff... O-Zone, Ladytron, and it was cute, cause the O-Zone song was the one he told us to play earlier, but it wasn\'t working... and then we were happy later. <3

anyway... CRAZY thing on the way home... we got harrassed by two guys on motorcycles. omg. it was so scary.
kas and i were goin down the road, and these three guys on motorcycles (i think one was bobby) came up next to us. two of them (not bobby) we like looking over at us a lot on stuff, so we thought they were checkin one of us out... and then one came up next to me and flipped me off, so i flipped him off back. and then, like, we pulled into hastings\' parking lot and went around back cause we felt uncomfortable... the one that i thought was bobby left, but the other two were still following us. and one came in the parking lot as we were about to go out, so since i thought he was playin a game or something, i honked to let him know where we were, and he followed us out. so i went down northfield then thru the chiristian school parking lot and onto memorial and they were on out tail the whole way. they were like surrounding us... one would be in front and one behind or to the side, stuff like that. and if i drove to fast, i\'d hit one, but if i drove too slow, the other would hit me. (i really didn\'t care about hitting them, though) so i was drivin and drivin, and finally i decided to call 911. so i call 911 and we\'re going down DeJarnette and i\'m on the phone with the lady telling her what\'s happening and like... they\'re still on our tail! so i get down to the intersection of DeJarnette and Lascassas Hwy, and the lady tells me to go towards town. by now one has gotten way in front of me and is waiting at the intersection, i don\'t know if for me or for his frined, but the other is still on my ass. so then i\'m stopped with one in front and one behind and the one behind me comes up next to my car and hits it we could like feel it jerk!! and the lady on 911 is tellin me to just go towards town when i can. and like, they pull off to the side of the road, i think the one in front was telling the other that it was enough or something, and they\'re getting off their bikes and stuff... we didn\'t know what they were doing. so i just turned and headed towards town. and like, they weren\'t following us any more, so i think they knew i was calling the cops. and the lady tells me to pull into the tigermarket, so i did, and they just went on by. and up the road a cop pulled them over, and another one came and talked to me... and like... that was really it.

it was so scary.

but yeah... thats really it... night guys. be careful with guys on motorcycles.

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