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March 16, 2008

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Lame Jokes

So, I've been sick this weekend, and anytime I'm sick, mom is always sure that we have popsicles handy to make me feel better. And for those who have not enjoyed a popsicle in a while, remember the jokes on the sticks? Well I've encountered several lame ones these past couple of days, like...

Q: What has spots and rides on a fire truck?
A: A fireman with the measles.

Q: What did the dentist give the marching band?
A: A tuba toothpaste.

Q: Where do bees go on their day off?
A: The wax museum.

I think you have agonized enough now...

The point is, anyone above the age of seven cannnot help but roll their eyes over these lame jokes. Whoever writes these jokes needs to be FIRED. Or forced  to listen to country music. Anyhow, that's just my thought for the day.
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Not an Epitaph Part 2

Tonight we mourn even greater than weeks previous for the elmination of another America Idol contestant. The best one this season. Period, and unquestionably. Simon knew she was the best, but obviously America didn't. Personally, I had picked out Melinda Doolittle as a favorite since her audition. Week after week, she consistently gave the most solid performances, period. Blake can't even sing. Jordin's incredible (her rendition of "I Who Have Nothing" pretty much gave me chill bumps), but she is not as consistently solid.

Some people have criticized Melinda for her "false" humility and her shy countenance, but if you've really watched the show, then you would have seen the transformation of this woman from a timid background vocalist to a bright star. Was anyone else wowed by how she rocked the mic last night?! She owned that stage! She was all over it and having a blast!

Despite what some say, I can see that she is a genuinely humble girl with a sweet spirit, and I know she will is going to go far. Melinda, you better believe I'm going to buy your CD the minute it hits shelves!
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3 Years!!!

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I Wonder...

So, I've noticed that I'm not shy at all about showing off my videos (speaking of which, check out And The Rocks Cried Out, now viewing on MySpace and Facebook), but I don't like to talk to people about my stories that I write. When I wrote the script for The Case of the African Tsetse Fly, I had no problems with writing the script and then throwing it out there for my talent to see. But then today at work, when my co-workers asked me what I was writing on my computer, I suddenly didn't want them to see or know about them. Why is that? I wonder if the novels and other stories I work on just seem more personal than a script or a video...?
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What I Would Tell My Younger Self...

I'm sure most of you have seen the Disney movie "The Kid", where Bruce Willis' character meets his younger self, played by Spencer Breslin. Well, there is a scene where Bruce is talking to an aquaintance about the fact that's he met his younger self, which the woman surprisingly seems to believe. She then tells him that if she younger self were to come visit her, the one thing she would tell her is that everything is going to be ok.

Have you ever thought about what you would say to your younger self if you met him/her? I was just thinking about how God has really given me a burden to reach out younger students, especially those in junior high. I have to admit that have somewhat pushed this aside. Now granted, I do not think nor or even later is the time for to be fully devoted to ministering to these students, but I do believe it is supposed to be a part of my life. And I have noticed that I have been pushing away those thoughts about the way life used to be for me... back when I was in junior high...

Junior high was tough for me. Some how, some way, I was able to withstand many of the temptation and pressures thrown my way during that critical age. I had to cling on so tightly to God... that was when I finally began to understand what a relationship with God was. I had some really high standards for myself that others my age did not have, and that was only by the grace of God.

So as I reflect and remember on those painful times, I wonder what I would say to the twelve or thirteen year old version of myself if she was to fnd her way to modern-day Murfreesboro. And like that woman in "The Kid" I would assure myself that everything would be ok and that it would work out. But I would have to go further that...

I would have to encourage young Amy that to stick with our convictions and standards, but to always seek God above all else, because He will surprise her. I would tell her that high school and college aren't a cakewalk, but they are definitely better than junior high. I would have to tell her that God is going to take her to some great places. I would assure that she will make some strong Christian friends. I would tell her life will consist of many stories that will one day encourage her as a twenty-year old college student that still doubts sometimes that God is there for her. I would tell her to keep journaling, because one day she will look back, realizing the importance of remembering what it was like so that she could more effectively minister to others.

Stay strong, Amy, is what I would tell her. And if thirty-year old Amy came to me today, I'm sure she would share those same words with me. I may not know what the next several years will bring me, or heck, even the next several months, weeks, or days, but I know that if I stay strong and look to God, it will all work out just fine... probably much different than I expected... but all things do indeed work together for the good of those who love Him...
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