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March 16, 2008

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The Death of a Great Man

This morning around 10 my granddaddy, Luther Stephens Litchfield, passed away. He has suffering from Alheizmer's for about two years and my family and I have been praying that the Lord would bring Him peace, and He has. Despite the suffering he has endured, his passing this morning was quick and very peaceful; he was sitting in his wheelchair and in an instant slouched over, dead. This is my first grandparent to lose. I am so proud of all he accomplished as a Marine, a WWII veteran, and as a pastor, but most of all as my grandfather and friend. He was an amazing man of God and I know that right now he is running on those streets of gold of heaven, rejoicing. We are still working on funeral arrangements and are uncertain how soon my aunt and uncle, who are currently out of the country, will be able to make it, but it looks like the funeral will probably be on Sunday. I had plans for next week that unfortunately will probably not work out, but that's ok, because I trust in God's Will. Please pray for my grandmother and mom at this time especially, as well as everyone else in our family.

The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death. -Isaiah 57:1-2
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From the Outside Looking In

I'm not sure if there's a way to describe how I'm currently feeling. I am in Mississippi, once again, and I think this may be the third trip now that I've made here with the shock that my grandfather is still alive. Everytime I see him I pray to God that He would take him home. But He hasn't yet, and I'm not sure why. I know he'd be so much happier there.


My grandfather has now wasted away to 115 pounds. As a thin, petite girl standing at 5'1" and weighing at 100 pounds, it marvels me that this man can survive at a weight only 15 pounds more than my one. When I was warned of his weight I was extremely shocked, but nothing could prepare me for the first time I laid eyes on his new, ultra fragile figure. I couldn't help but cry.


He also hasn't recognized me yet. Last time, in January, he actually realized who I was a few times. But this time, it's like he's on a whole other planet, seeing things that aren't there and talking to people who aren't there. He's always looking away, and rarely at my mom or me when we're in the room. It hurts so much to remember that just a few years ago he was my goofy old granddad, whose house I would love to go to, especially at Christmas. I remember hugging him when we walked in after our arrival, after he made some goofy comment, acting as if we were total strangers. But now it's not an act. Now we are total strangers to him.  


I feel as if to ease the pain, I am trying to disconnect from the situation, even withdrawing myself from my grandma. I hate to do that... it's not like she deserves that. I actually feel that I don't know how to act around her anymore. I've been so quiet on this trip, hardly talking, and that's very unlike me. I have been submerging myself in the fiction world of books, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, except that has been more of a reality to me than my actual reality.  It's been a tough two days, and there are only more days to come. Now as you read this and if you ever think to in the future, I would appreciate it if you say a prayer for my family. This is a rough time for my mom and me, and we're still trying to figure out how to handle it all. 

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My Struggle to Survive & POTC 3 Continued...

So, being a worry wart rarely pays off, while being concerned can sometimes pay off. And it sure did today.

I must preface all this by saying... God's time sure is amazing!

Last Thursday I went to go get my eyes checked, just to get a new prescription for my glasses and contacts. Nothing out of the ordinary. But it was during this routine check-up that the doctor noticed a virus in my left eye, believed to be caused by a severe cold I had.

Then, over the weekend, I learned that the contact solution that I have been using is being recalled in foreign countries because it is causing infections that may cause blindness. Uh... yikes. I'm getting a little concerned, and my mom and I talk about trying to get an appointment with another eye doctor to make sure things are going alright.

There was a cancellation this morning at 7:45, so I was able to get in. We went in asking questions about my virus and if it was getting better and what solution I should be getting now that there is no way I'm going to keep using what I have been using. Well it turned out that my virus infection deal was healing quite nicely and things were going quite well in that department. The doctor also confirmed that it came from my cold (which was probably actually allergies gone wild) and not my solution. Good news there.

But upon further examination of my eyes, he spotted another problem that was totally unrelated. And this time it was worse in my right eye than my left. It is a little something called pigment dispersion syndrome, which is a possible forerunner of glaucoma. Well, the doctor decides I probably don't have glaucoma, and noted that everything else in my eyes looked good, but this was something that we need to take care of. So in June I will be taking glaucoma tests and have a quick surgery on my right eye to move my cornea (or do something like that) to hopefully prevent glaucoma. More good news. And I'm not going blind. That was nice to know after the guy freaked me out with his medical jargon, long pauses, and saying things like, "that isn't normal".

So all will be well by the end of Juneā€¦ hopefully. After my two weeks out of town, I will have a week filled with eye appointments, including a laser surgery. Fun. I'll be wearing glasses and using eye drops for another week, and should be able to wear contacts by the time I hit M-Fuge. Thank goodness.

So that's what's up in my life!

Also, I thought I would add to my previous entry about the latest Pirates sequel. While I am still disappointed in the movie, I have decided that the characters of Will and Elizabeth are not entirely to blame. As it was pointed out to me, Will and Elizabeth end the movie nobly. I do think their journey there is a little rocky, but really, I see several problems throughout the story that just bug me. But mostly I hated the ending. And I just wish they had stopped after the first Pirates movie. And overall it was very well-made but the story itself was just completely lame and very incomplete feeling. But that's just my opinion. :)

One last thing... I very rarely confirm friendships (on Phusebox) with people I don't know. It's nothing personal, it's just my nature. Obviously, anyone can stumble across this page and read it, which doesn't bother me too much, but I have gotten a lot of friend requests from people I don't know and I just don't accept them. So I hope that doesn't make anyone too sad. I guess it's cool you find me interesting, but I'm just not into the whole meeting people online thing, since you never know if anyone is actually who they say they are. So anyhow, point being, I don't mind if you read my entries or comment on them (as long as the comments are nice), this is the Internet after all, but if I don't know you I'm not going to confirm friendship with you.

All that being said, how are YOU doing, friend?

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Why POTC3 is Lost at Sea...

"But Will and Elizabeth, as
characters, are destroyed. They've become a mass of multiple motivations and
loyalties. Lacking consistency, they're shoehorned into any configuration that
the screenwriters devise, to the extent that when we look at them, we no longer
see Will and Elizabeth. We see Bloom and Knightley gamely struggling to locate
a shred of authenticity in their roles. They don't find it, and it's not their
fault. It's not there." - Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

This reviewer is absolutely correct. I went through the movie, skeptical and wary at first, but slowly giving in to the little pleasures it tossed to me. It was very well made, which I can't resist as someone who is learning how to make good movies. The last ten minutes of the movie, however, destroyed what decency the movie actually had. Just when I thought Disney had righted the wrongs of the second movie, they hanged themselves again! They killed Will and Elizabeth's characters and turned them into completely different people. I know that people change, but the changes here are unnatural and just downright foolish. All I can say is... what a letdown...
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The Latest in My Sick Saga (AKA My Struggle to Survive!)

Well good grief.

Let me preface all this by saying that I am generally a very healthy person. When I get sick, it's usually a simple cold due to stress that I can shake off. It's not like the one I battled this weekend when I harldy moved off the couch.

It started off with my nose acting up. And then drainage dominated my chest and I coughed constantly. I finally saw the doctor, fearing bronchitis was just around the corner. He gave me antibiotics, and I started improving. Yesterday, things were looking pretty good for me.

Well, today I had a divine appointment. I went to go have my eye examined, as it was scheduled weeks ago, when the doctor notices that my left eye is way off base from what it's supposed to be (based off last year's prescription, which I know hasn't changed all that much) so she decides to check it out. And what do you know, but the virus from my cold inside my body has made its pesky way to my left EYE! That's right ladies and gentlemen, I have a VIRUS IN MY EYE!

So I obviously could not get my eyes properly examined (dang it, because I'm really wanting some new glasses!) today and have another appointment scheduled for the middle of June. My eye doctor prescribed some eyedrops for me that will kill the virus.

So no contacts for at least a week, and as of now I'm having trouble seeing even with my glasses on (and though they may be old and slightly off base, they're generally not as bad as they have been today) all because of the virus in my eye. So for those of you who noticed my red eye last night at AO, it is actually because of my cold, as I had speculated; it's just a little bit more serious than I thought!

Maybe one day I'll be normal again.
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