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July 19, 2007

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God, dancing, acting, movies, late night walks, just walking with someone special, talking on the phone, laughing so hard that you can hardly breath, inside jokes, the beach, doing something stupid and then laughing at yourself, friends, kittens, people playing with your hair, hot chocolate, singing into a hairbrush or any other random object, and watching the sunrise


My Chemical Romance, Emery, Blink 182, Ludacris, Relient K, Hawk Nelson, All American Rejects, Fallout Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Postal Service, Bowling for Soup, Usher, Ciara, Mariah Carey, Britney, Simple Plan, The Killers, Jack Johnson,


Anchorman, Office Space, Dude Where's My Car?, Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Edward Scissorhands, Dirty Dancing, The Notebook, Mean Girls, Finding Nemo, Secret Window, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter


Harry Potter, A Walk to Remember, The Giver, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Notebook, The Bible!

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<3The Sweetest Things A Guy Could Do

Smell her hair....Talk to her in movie theatres....Hold her hand while u talk....Tell her she looks pretty....Look her in the eye when u talk to her....Tell her stupid jokes....Let her mess with ur hair....Just walk around w. her....Look at her like shes the only girl you see...Tickle her Even if she says stop....When she starts swearing at u,tell her u love her....Let her fall asleep in ur arms....Get her mad,then kiss her....Tease her...Let her tease u back....kiss her enough, but dont over kiss her....Stay up w. her all night when shes sick....Watch her favorite movie....Kiss her forehead....Write her letters....If she asks u 2 go 2 a show with her,go....Let her wear ur clothes.....When shes sad,hang out with her....Buy her ice cream....Let her take all the photos of u she wants....Kiss her in the rain And when u fall in love w. her tell her


March 23, 2006
jon said

March 31, 2006
Alicia said

i love that! i have something similar to it. these are my favorites: Look at her like shes the only girl you see, kiss her enough, but dont over kiss her, Stay up w. her all night when shes sick, Kiss her in the rain, And when u fall in love w. her tell her. that's the kind of guy i want. actually, i think that's the kind of guy every girl wants. : )
April 30, 2006
aj said

hey whats up lol

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