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April 02, 2006

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Rascal Flatts, Bonnie Tyler, The Killers, dc Talk, John Mayer, Chris Rice


Christmas Vacation, Ever After, Never Been Kissed, The Notebook, Ocean's Eleven, Cheaper By the Dozen, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Elizabethtown


The Great Gatsby, This Side of Paradise, The Christy Miller Series, Romeo and Juliet, Redeeming Love

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Turn Around

Turn Around, or Total Eclipse of the Heart, as it is formally known, is an interesting song. As of this mornig, my friends and I had successfully downloaded four versions of this song. FOUR. My favorite, by far, is the remix version, although the USC Choir version comes in a close second. Sadly, though, I have no idea what in the world this song means. I really don\'t know why Bonnie Tyler is signing turn around over and over again. I really do not get it at all. Oh well.

And if you happen to discover exactly what she means, please, let me know.

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